WUCC 2022, T minus 2 days

Today the tiredness brought on by Covid has kicked in. I hope this means my body is looking after itself and flushing out the virus as quickly as possible.

This tiredness is probably also amplified by missing our kit presentation ceremony, knowing I will miss being present for the opening ceremony and to watch the opening game, and knowing I will probably miss playing against the number one seed when our team plays them on Monday.

In other news, the team tells me they played well against – albeit under-strength – Chicago Machine, and ended up winning 15-13. The Wildcats are building, looking a good chance to be playing their best ultimate during tournament week.

Next on my to-do list is booking a flight from here to Cincinnati, so I can meet up with team, regardless of whether I am well enough to play. I’m hoping I’ll be up for it, but time will tell.

Prayers and blessings to you all. Peace.


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