Bones’ Pro Tip #5

Pro Tip: this is mainly about ultimate but can be extrapolated to relate to life if one squints hard enough.

When your team gets an unexpected (from the opposition’s point of view) short field turnover, or catches a long throw just shy the endzone, your team should score. One hard cut to one corner from the nearest receiver, a thrower fake leading to a receiver chop-step-turn, and running hard to the other corner. The percentage this results in a score should be in the high nineties. The thrower must move their mark by pivoting well and, if necessary, throw a /believable/ fake. Watch Japanese teams work a short field for a score.

Extension: If the defensive mark drops off the thrower to have two defenders on this first receiver then the score should happen in two passes. A short quick swing to a second open receiver catching up to the play, then that first thrower becomes the receiver.

Life application: In life we often seek immediate gratification. Be patient, be observant, and make the best choice for a given situation. This doesn’t mean always foregoing the first option, it does mean widening your awareness. Trust your heart, but be honest and think with your mind, as it often has better long term memory.


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