Meeting people

Day 9, 23/07/2018: My grandad says there are two types of people in the world, friends you know and friends you haven’t met yet. At times over the past two weeks I was able to spend time with some of the most beautiful people one could meet. They have their hearts in the right place, they wish for and work to create positive change in the world, in many more ways than simply showcasing how to put years worth of hard work into action on the ultimate field. These beautiful people were not just those I was on the same team with.

It matters not their gender nor their country of origin, they are simply good at being good people. It matters not what they wear or look like though my heart and mind often were in agreeance that I found a precious few very attractively honest. Give positively without thought of receiving something of equal importance in return. Be vocally thankful when you receive generosity. With truth and live call out injustice when you see it so the world can together move closer to being one and whole. Recognise your own missteps and work to reconcile these with others and with yourself.

Ultimate is more than a sport and a means of competition. It is a growing community where righteousness and togetherness are of utmost importance.

Individually I want to improve my technical skills and knowledge so I can play more intelligently and intensely. I also want to improve understanding of myself and others so the sport can grow in the right ways for all those that want to play, and spectate, or even just learn about ultimate.

I see ultimate as one great way, for there are many, for us to learn how to navigate life successfully. To care, to be honest, and to call out injustice in a way which does not attack a person’s being. We are all human and this is something to give thanks for.

There is always more to learn, we just have to he ready and willing with an open heart and mind to receive it. Learn to love yourself as well as others. This is one thing I know most dogs get so right.

Kia kaha, friends.

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