The best gift

I am blessed to have a very caring family. Always looking for ways they can help people live their best lives. This is truly the best gift I’ve ever received. God ensures it is something I never go without, even when I struggle to see it. There’s always a helping hand lifting me, before I even realise I need help to achieve what I’m aiming for.

It is difficult to ask for help, at its core this feels like an admission we aren’t enough. In reality it means we are strong enough to admit we need help, that someome else will help us do what needs doing faster and more completely. It doesn’t mean we will always need help. It doesn’t mean someone else will be better at each thing we attempt. It does mean we can work together to make the world a better place, to make finding what we are good at the focus, not lamenting that which we lack.

I love writing music, and have dreams to record songs and albums, to have plenty of awesome music for people to find. A few years ago my brother, sister, and my sister’s boyfriend gifted me an extremely thoughtful birthday present. This is not to suggest they aren’t usually, this was just particularly wondrous. Opening up this present I found a Scarlett Studio recording interface. In short, plug it into my computer, plug in my guitar and microphone, and away I go. I have not used it to its full potential yet. I’m still deciphering the extent of its power, figuring out how it works, learning how to use the software, but mostly I feel like I’m not good enough to record my music with it. Any day I record something, or mix something, or master something, I learn so much, I progress. Listening to the voice in my head which says I can’t sets me back days. I even subconsciously encourage myself to forget the goodness I’ve experienced while recording music.

To counter this, my family and friends, the best of both, encourage getting stuck in. Every time I do, I fall in love with writing music, recording music, and listening to what I’ve created, all over again. The same happens when I write. I love the stories I create and the characters I get to know as I weave the worlds around them. Falling into writing has been getting easier. It has been a fun process, with necessary struggle. Plenty of encouragement from people with the right mindset have helped me continue to write, even on days I don’t feel I can.

I’m still job hunting. I’m still searching for a new place to call home. Both make it difficult to feel writing and making music is time well spent right now. But when I do these things I know they are part of what I’m on this earth to do. I feel God guiding my hands to complete stories, encouraging my mind to produce music, and my emotions to organise poetic musings.

I am not the best writer, or the best poet, or the best musician, but I love putting words and melodies together.

Believe people when they believe in us, they’ve got a clue of what they’re talking about.

Dream big. Embrace peace. Love always.


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