Working through the troughs

I’ve missed posting two blog posts in the last seven days. This is the first time I’ve done so since I decided on making two posts a week. I’ve under the categorie Managing Mondays, and one Functioning Fridays. One to help build on what might be a slow start to the week, the other to help you power through and be productive during the weekend as well as embracing it as time for rest.

Life is full of ups and downs, good days and bad days, periods of motivation and apathy. What we must do is create a life where we say ‘yes’ more often to invitations for goodness than we say ‘no.’ If we’re living the opposite we are hanging around with the wrong people, spending time doing things that are not for us, or simply denying the many chances we have to embrace growth.

This was a conscious choice I have made in the last five years, to push myself to do accept more invitations from good people, within the realms of the time available. Remember though, we make time for what we want to make time for. I am the first to put my hand up and I admit it struggle with this. Earlier this week I had a rough day, partly self imposed, partly feeling like life is nowhere near where I planned it to be – no job and no flat will do that to you over time. This meant I didn’t get enough sleep at the right time of day to feel up to talking with a good friend of mine in the morning. We’d organised in advance, and it wasn’t even an early time of the morning. I felt terrible, but I knew asking to reschedule would help my life be better. This low point could have been drawn out and lasted a long time, but thanks to their understanding and grace it has been short-lived, and I’m climbing up again. Good friends show understanding and lift you up.

It’s not easy to see success when all around me I’m hearing “no thank you” or “nice try” or “you’re good but not what were looking for.” Sometimes this is a good thing. Stay with me here. Looking too far ahead means we lose sight of our feet and where our next step is. If we’re looking across the chasm we might miss the bridge five feet to our left, or the abseiling rope five feet to our right. Listen to the good people in life who are helping to find those solutions, sometimes even crossing the chasm with us. Show grace when others offer help, and show humility to offer assistance in return, or pay forward the kindness to others.

We will not always need help, but if it’s offered we lose nothing by accepting it. What we stand to gain on the other hand is massive. A headstart on our dreams, a way through an obstacle that looks impassible, the start of a meaningful friendship, an unexpected closer relationship with a good friend.

You are worthy of time, yours and others. If you can’t believe it right now, take small steps towards believing it every day.

Dream big. Embrace peace. Love always.


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