Just. Keep. Starting.

A friend from work told me they have a saying in their house; Just keep starting.

I know I struggle to get stuck in sometimes. To things I am confident in, to new things, even things I know help improve my mental health. Creating music, getting outside in the sunshine, writing fantastical stories and poetry, getting lost singing emotional songs, going for a run, starting conversations with good people, all grand things. Yet, I find ways to convince myself not to do them, to convince myself I’m not good at them, to think people would prefer not to talk to me or that I initiate communication a disproportionate amount of the time.

The challenge for me is remembering how I feel after a relatively short time of getting stuck in. My passion for whatever project is rejuvenated and I feel driven to complete it in a healthy way. Certain people encourage me to know I am worthwhile and capable, of spending time wisely, and paying forward the generosity they have so graciously and freely given.

“Just keep starting” means spending time doing what you love, doing the things that really float your boat or bake your cake. It means getting up off the couch to go for run, or being OK spending a day on the couch because you need to. It means believing in yourself because you are capable, you have unique creativity to share, and are worthy of spending time with.

Every day is a new beginning, one we can shape into something magical. Some days believing this is harder than others. Just. Keep. Starting.

We all have things in the go. Unfinished songs. Unpublished books. Learning a new language. Learning to dance. Learning to cook. Making new friends. Making old friendships like new. Being brave. Trying new things, sport, art, meeting people. Believe and go for it.

Just. Keep. Starting.

Writing this blog is difficult for me at times because I struggle to believe I can actually write. I struggle to think any of the words I have to say will be worth reading. But, I know writing helps me process my thoughts. The good ones and the bad ones, the happy and the sad ones. I hope the words are helpful for those who read them too.

Be good, keep good, and sleep good. Peace.

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