The Extra mile

There are people we meet that are worth more time than we have the availability to give. Personally, I know I don’t thank these people often enough for all the goodness they provide. Wisdom, expertise, understanding, ears to listen, all offered without expectation of anything in return.

Thank you. Thank you to I’m sure many more people than I would ever be able to remember to name. Virtual conversations, telephone calls, video chats, and (my favourite) hanging out face to face have had many a meaningful impact for me.

I try to think about this often, even small little things people have offered which might seem like nothing to them, but made my day. I think about these things when I’m in a house and cleaning up, when I’m playing sport, when I’m walking somewhere, when I travel on the bus, when working in a Cafe, when I’m enmeshed deep in conversation. Thinking about these things helps me to remember wise words passed on from one person to another, and eventually to me by one such thoughtful friend:

We are all doing our best.

We can focus on the negative things in our lives by giving in to unhealthy thoughts our minds sometimes default to. Or we can support one another, encourage one another, by seeing the good in the world and helping there be more of it. Sometimes it is not choice, and it can be too much. But when I can I will always actively choose the second option and hope you would too. Even on the days I am unable to be positive within myself I send positive messages to good friends, I encourage others to give, and try to ensure I am available to listen if my ears would be of use.

You are strong and capable. Remember that whenever you can. Let people you care about know they are too. If we meet in the middle, put all our diverse strengths together, add a dice of humour and a fair amount of dedication, we can change the world for the better with a little elbow grease.

Be good, keep good, and sleep good, dear reader. Peace.


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