The Unknown: The Bad

Welcome back. Or if this is your first time here, am enthusiastic hello to you! You’ve hit upon a three part mini-blog-series about The Unknown. In the previous post we talked about the good parts, happy surprises, how to be prepared for adventure in the expanse of where we haven’t been yet…

Today we delve into the problems the things we don’t know can cause, and how we might equip ourselves to be ok with how we find ourselves on any given day.

For the past fifteen years or so I’ve struggled with depression. Sometimes this means a day will be difficult. Difficult to do things a normal day holds: work, ultimate training, getting outside for a walk. Difficult to propel myself into creative pursuits: writing, playing guitar, singing. Difficult to leave my room.

Sometimes there is no discernible reason. In other words, it seems unknowable.

This is ok. Knowing this, however, doesn’t make it an easy truth to hold onto. A few years of reminding myself, commitment to laying down whatever is worrying me without prejudice towards myself – the known and unknown, and conversation with others who have wisdom to offer, have helped me begin to hold onto this truth. Even amidst the things I don’t know which cause my stomach to knot up tightly.

Apathy for me is an unknown I have to keep working to overcome. It rises up and pushes down belief that I can accomplish goals I set myself. Instead, it plants the seed of thinking it is better to stay where I am than share the gifts I’ve been given, particularly writing and music. To put my creativity out there to receive feedback which is as yet unknowable.

The short version is: it’s ok to be how we are. And to work our way forward from there, rather than believe we should be anywhere else. After all, we can’t know what we don’t yet know, right?

Next week, the finale to this three part series: “The Unknown: The Unknown.”

* * *

Are there things you don’t know which give rise to uncomfortable feelings?

How do you work through these moments of uncertainty?

* * *

Learning. It’s something we do every day, sometimes without realising it. Embrace this unknown. Slowly make it part of your every day.


Cover photo by Philippe Donn from Pexels.


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