The Unknown: The Unknown

This blog has been more difficult to start than I thought. I guess the title implies that in a way, eh?

As well as playing in the ultimate (frisbee) nationals here in New Zealand, it was the end of the tax year. Which, working in the fundraising department of a non-profit organisation, means many last minute donations to process.

In both situations there were elements of not knowing what would happen. Our team had prepared as best we could for playing the best ultimate we could during the tournament. But other teams had been practicing just as hard โ€“ if not harder โ€“ because our team were the current champs returning to defend the title. Through good (enough) decision making, solid team play, and a bit of grit in the final (when down a few players due to injury and early flights), we forged our way to winning a second title in a row. It was a good feeling, playing quality ultimate against well-practiced teams, and coming out on top.

This tournament was also a good test of where we are at as a team, as we continue training for the world club championships this July in Cincinnati. I’m at the upper end of age for competing in this tournament (I’m eligible to play masters for ultimate as of last year) so I’ll be marking up against some younger players, with more agility and freshness of fitness than I. Yet, I have experience gained from years of playing at a high level which help make up a portion of these gaps.

These gaps are unknowns I won’t know until we reach the tournament and get out on the field to play.

Processing donations at work can be frenetic at the end of the tax year. Some years there are many who make their donation during this time as close to the 31st of March as possible, the end of the tax year. Thus ensuring they can claim their rebate back and not have to wait another twelve months. This year we received many more donations in March than we have in the past two years. Alongside moving databases and changing file -sharing systems this has meant a busy time. All three have uncontrollable elements which slot tidily (or not so in some instances) into things I need to learn or won’t know until after the fact.

For many things in our lives, there’s no way to know until whatever happens, happens. Plan as best we can, and adapt to whatever comes to pass.

* * *

Do you struggle with not knowing certain things?

How can you improve your perspective on moving forward into the unknown?

* * *

Go well into your week dear friends, and celebrate learning in all its forms, big and small.


Cover photo by Digital Buggu, retrieved via Pexels.


9 thoughts on “The Unknown: The Unknown

  1. Hamish says:

    Thank you! The tournament was a good stepping stone on our way to competing with the world’s best later this year.

    I always appreciate the reminders you provide to adapt and keep moving. ๐Ÿ’ช


  2. Jennifer Arimborgo says:

    I meant to add, an unknown I am dealing with right now is what it will be like when my oldest daughter moves away to college, from Peru to the U.S. This is definitely a faith challenge for me because she and I are very close. It is inviting me to lean into His grace more than ever!

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    1. Hamish says:

      I am just catching up with replying to comments now. This is an exciting time I’m sure, but there will be some trepidation. God is with us in this moments, and faith in His grace will definitely hold you in good stead.

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