Slow burn

I want my books to be published. I want it to be compelling enough that people can’t help but turn to the next page. I want this to be true yesterday!

Is there something in your life that you really want, I mean really want, but it just doesn’t seem to be getting any closer to happening? I’ve had this goal of getting a book published since I was in highschool, and it’s only since I turned thirty that I have believed it is a goal I can achieve. On the other hand, I thought I would be married by my mid-twenties, but since my late twenties I’ve started to wonder if I’m doing the right things to ensure meeting a wonderful woman and getting married is a possibility at all. It’s funny how life works out sometimes.

Good things in life often take hard work. The best things often take the hardest work. Sometimes this work seems like it’s taking us in a completely different direction than where we want to go. One of my favourite bloggers here on WordPress, InspireChief, often reminds me that consistency is key. To achieve our goals we have to put the work in, every day, until we get there. My main goal at the moment is to get my first book published. It’s been a lot of work so far. Writing the first draft, pushing through the fluff for the first edit, trawling and cutting on the second edit (in progress), and inviting others to read this work and offer critique. There will be several more edits after this one, adding details where needed or removing unnecessary scenes, and when the manuscript is to a level I’m happy with there will be submission to editors and publishers. When I find the right place to publish, there will probably be more editing required, by others and by myself, to get it ready for print.

I don’t know all the steps. I can only put one foot in front of the other. Right now, that means continuing to edit, and discussing critique from readers with them to implement helpful changes. It’s a slow process, but incredibly rewarding.

With all this writing outside of my paid work, it has been slow progress towards life becoming more stable. I am thankful to have decent paid work, with uplifting colleagues. When I spend time with married friends and their children, I no longer lament being in a different life stage myself. Instead, I look forward to being married, and can visualise raising a family when that time comes. Communication is a big part of this goal, making sure I choose kindness in every interaction. To do this I ensure I’m present when spending time with friends and family, I look forward to meeting new people, and smile whenever possible. This is also a good way to appreciate the life I have, and the beauty in the world around me.

For my own wellbeing, kindness means knowing when to step away from writing to spend time with good people. This can be difficult as it’s taken a decade of intentional action to get to where I am, spending time almost every day with pen and paper or keyboard in hand, writing. Time away from the keyboard is not going to magically make all the good ideas vanish. Along the way I’ve failed many times, both writing too often and too seldom, but I’m getting there.

I am a writer. Step by step, I am putting in place scaffolding to become a paid writer. But, I must always remember, that is not the reason I write. It is a goal I’m working towards, but not the reason.

I write to share stories. I write because it is more difficult for me not to.

* * *

What goals are you working towards in your life?

Are you taking action every day, some days just small steps, to achieve these goals?

* * *

With a clear destination and intentional action we will move in the right direction. Keep on keeping on being awesome. PEACE.

Cover photo by Eugene Shelestov from Pexels.


5 thoughts on “Slow burn

  1. AP2 says:

    You’ve got the right attitude Hamish. It’s easy to want to be at the top of the mountain before we start climbing. That’s the goal of course. But the reason has to be the journey. You have to enjoy the climb, otherwise it will be torture. Wishing you well Hamish. I’ve no doubt what you desire, with your heart and dedication, will come to fruition. Wishing you well 🙏

    Liked by 2 people

  2. annmary0723 says:

    I don’t know why your posts never show up in my feed, even though I follow you, that’s why I’ll unfollow you and follow again, so I’ll see them. your writings are good, and remember everything takes time and happens for a reason, even if you don’t see that now,,so do what you enjoy and the lead will open for you 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hamish says:

      WordPress is a bit funny like that. You remind me here if the truth that I often forget, “everything happens for a reason”. Thank you for the encouragement to continue writing, and inspiration through your own creativity. 😄


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