Keep being a good human

Care about others. In times of trouble it is even more imperative we do this. Uncertainty and fear can lead us to do strange things, but as much as we are able we must maintain our cool.

After the announcement today that New Zealand would be going into lockdown I was a bit in shock. The world is changing, and that is scary at the best of times. New Zealand, our home, even as far away from the rest of the world as it seems, is starting to more deeply experience the effects of the Covid-19. This is certainly not the best of times, but we can make the best of it.

Today I worked my second day of a new job. My colleagues are understanding of the circumstances and offering as much support as they are able. Still, it felt odd to be training knowing I would be working from home for the foreseeable future. I was stressed out, thinking about all the possible directions the next little while could go, particularly not knowing how to do really any of my job yet.

Halfway through the day I sent a message checking in with my sister. She, in her wonderfulness, sent a text message asking if I wanted to move in with her and her current housemates while the strict limits on movements and interactions are in place. At about the same time one of my current flatmates sent a message asking if I would prefer to be living with family while in lockdown. My sister then called me to chat through how we would make this work. 48 hours is not a long time, but it is enough time to do enough.

Because I have been living in a temporary place I didn’t have many of my belongings with me. A friend of my sister offered their time and a car to help move a bed and other essentials (guitar, music recording gear, Xbox for video gaming with my bro). It was an immensely helpful gesture, offered with kindness.

I have talked more regularly with my family over the past week. This has been a positive side effect of all that is happening in the world. Talk to those people that matter the most to you. Listen to them with rapt attention, and let them see the depths of your soul. My caring flatmates, my thoughtful sister, the kindness of a friend, the generosity of colleagues. They show me how to do this. How we can and must continue to be good to each other.

I don’t know how I’m going to learn to do the tasks my job requires while working remotely, but I know I can trust my new colleagues to do their best to help me. I don’t know what living is going to look like over the next few months, but I know I’m living with good people who look after each other. I don’t know what keeping fit and exercising will look like, but I know it’s possible and will be a necessary part of staying healthy.

We can’t know what tomorrow will bring. What the weather will be, what our job might hold, where we’ll be, or what we can feasibly spend our time doing. We can control how we treat each other, and how we act.

Dream big. Embrace peace. Love always.


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