WUCC 2022 A few final thoughts

So, the world ultimate club championship tournament I ended up having wasn’t the one I envisaged before flying to the USA. Testing positive for Covid keeping me from playing the majority of our games.

It also wasn’t the tournament our team envisaged, missing five players for some part of the tournament – two for the whole thing! This part of the reason we missed out on a chance to play up to the top 16.

What I learned from this trip, something I know but which is always helpful to be reminded of, is to be comfortable adjusting expectations. Multiple times if need be. How we envisage something at its beginning is seldom how things pan out, and that’s ok. If we are smart, we gain a wealth of knowledge in how to approach similar forced adjustments in the future.


This trip and tournament playing out how they did means I feel I’m not done with competitive ultimate yet. For the near future, though, I’ve got more important things to focus, planning a wedding with my fiance being the most important. So, giving my 100% mentally and physically on the international ultimate field will have to wait. And that’s ok.

I’m disappointed I put in a lot of work to be mentally and physically fit and ready, just to miss most of our games. But as a good friend reminded me while I was in the USA, when God closes a door, He opens a window.

Bring on more story writing, book editing (one is getting ever closer to being ready to read), music recording, and focussing on the little things, like meeting up with friends old and new.

Peace to you, dear friends, and I hope you go well into this coming week.


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