WUCC 2022 Flying Home

This post is a little bit delayed as I have been doing a combination of resting, napping, and fill on sleeping since I made it home from the USA.

Monday morning I woke up in Chicago, went to a lovely little diner, “Uncle Mike’s Place,” for a Filipino breakfast, which included complimentary porridge which they make fresh every day. I followed this up with a very good coffee and huge peanut butter cookie from Sawada Coffee. Both recommended to me by my friend the day before. Both berry good. If you’re ever in Chicago I highly recommend them both too.

Back at the hotel, the staff were wonderful. The woman cleaning my room engaged in a really nice conversation, and wished me well on my travels and the front desk attendant encouraged me to relax in their waiting area while my Uber was on its way. My transit through Chicago was short but very pleasant.

To finish off my overseas experience my Uber dropped me off at the station where I caught the train to the airport.

The final challenge I had to navigate before leaving the country was LAX. One of the least easy to navigate airports in the world. To my pleasant surprise, it was not nearly as bad as I had been led to believe it might be at present.

Since then, on the flight and back at home, I have been sleeping, and napping, and resting. Except for a delicious coffee and doughnut with my fiance after she kindly picked me up from the airport. A great way to be welcomed home.

Tomorrow I will offer one last series of thoughts on this trip. I hope you are all keeping well dear friends.



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