WUCC 2022 Post T day

I made it to Chicago, and have settled into my last night in the USA. It has definitely been a different trip to last time, and different to what I expected.

Our drive from Cincinnati to Chicago was uneventful, except for lunch at a lovely diner, and a stop to fill the van up with petrol before dropping it back at the hire centre.

After this, I managed to meet up with a friend from Chicago Machine. We had a good chat about family, ultimate, and places around the world we’d like to travel, over some very well prepared and presented food. (If you’re ever heading to or through Chicago let me know and I’ll point you in their direction.)

This reminded me that even though I’ve played a lot less ultimate than I had planned to on this trip, there can always be time for good conversation with good people.

Peace to you dear friends.


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