WUCC 2022 T Day 7

Today was the hottest day of the tournament for me, so probably a good thing we were not playing any games. What we did get to do instead, was watch the finals in each of the three divisions. The level of play differed across the different games, but it is great to see how the best in the sport play the game.

The mixed final was a one-sided affair, finishing 15-6 in favour of Seattle Mix-Tape over Vancouver Red Flag.

The mens final was closer, but PoNY from New York never looked like relinquishing their lead once they had it, beating Raleigh Ring of Fire 15-12.

However, the women’s final was an absolute joy to watch! Oakland Fury went up two breaks early. Then Colombia’s Medellin Revolution took half 8-6. A dropped pull by Fury in the first point after half-time gave Revolution even more of a buffer, scoring to lead 9-6.

A long way back for Fury.

They set about it with minimal fuss. One break, two breaks, three breaks later, scores were level at 13-13. Game to 14.

Intensity was high, running was laboured but still non-stop even after six days of okay, and every throw was into a tight window. Six turnovers later, three from each team, and Revolution had scored. Their victory prevented a clean sweep of divisions for the USA.

Phew! Even after that, the best parts of my day were catching up with friends I haven’t seen for… probably four years? (Did not get a chance to catch up with them all, so a trip to Europe is definitely in the cards in the near future!) Generous friends gifted me shirts and discs, before I ate dinner at Chipotle, got an ice from Culver’s, and packed my bags for the drive to Chicago tomorrow.

Catch you then for one of my final posts from this edition of WUCC.



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