WUCC 2022 T Day 6

For the team, today was another successful day. We came out strong at the start in our one game of the day, and finished strong too. This meant we won our last game of the tournament 15-11, placing us 25th equal. Not as high as we aimed for before we started, but we closed out the second half of the tournament well.

Personally, I am tired. Two days worth of tournament has flattened me. I don’t feel I played particularly well in our game today so unfortunately I feel even more unfulfilled than Covid has helped me to feel. As a “final international tournament at least for a little while” goes, the ultimate I played was minimal and hampered by a recovering body and tired mind. Maybe I’ll need to reassess international ultimate in a few years.

Next focus once I return to New Zealand is for my fiance and I to continue planning our wedding.

Thank you for following this particular journey friends.


One thought on “WUCC 2022 T Day 6

  1. InspireChief says:

    It is a shame that you couldn’t experience the tournament like you wanted to but it is admirable how you handled your situation. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and I wish you many years of happiness. 🙏🙏

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