WUCC 2022 T Day 5

Two games today. I played five or six points in each. It was… tough, kinda like I’d already played four days of tournament before this one.

We won both games, handily. Team played ok in the first, and a lot better in the second. Also caught up with a friend meet back in 2014 when I first played for the Wildcats at Worlds. We still haven’t played our best ultimate here, and have at least one more game to prove that we can. Bad Skid, from Germany, await us at 9am tomorrow.

Outside of playing ultimate I had a nap because I was TIRED after running. I also ordered a very tasty burrito bowl for lunch, which was also dinner, and will also be lunch tomorrow there was so much!

Wish us luck as we head into our last day of play, before getting to watch the finals on Saturday.

Peace to you, dear friends.


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