WUCC 2022 T Day 3

Some days sports make you scratch your head. Today was one of those days for our team. Thankfully, I could scratch my head from the sideline at the fields.

We started the day knowing a win against our first opponent would likely mean a chance to play up to the top 16. For whatever reason we started the flat. Low energy, lackadaisical, quiet. Our opposition came out fighting and took the game to us. In the second half we clawed a bit, but ultimately came up far short of where we needed to be.

That result meant we needed a big win in our second game of the day to give us any chance of playing up.

We came out firing. We took away every option we possibly could. We played our best ultimate of the tournament so far. Unfortunately we still fell short, losing the game by one point, knocking us down to the 25-40 bracket.

It sucks. We feel the pool we crossed over with was tougher than several others so feel hard done by. But our two games today were winnable.

So, all I can say is bring on tomorrow. It’s exciting that we know we can still play better as a team. I might even be able to play with them.

Peace to you my friends


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