WUCC 2022 T Day 2

A shorter post today, as I am running out of things to say from not being at the fields. My symptoms are easing. My throat was only a little sore this morning, and eased throughout the day, and my nose feels like it has finished running its marathon.

Tonight I took another test, and the line was a lot fainter than on Saturday. It was still very present, but provides some hope for me to play some games.

Today the team lost to the top team in our pool. Expected, but disappointing nonetheless. This left our record at 1 win and 2 losses. The final pool game against a Colombian team, URO Monster, was therefore very important – the result of the game taken through to Power Pools.

Well, the lads did it. They put in a strong performance and played their way to a deserved win.

Tomorrow, two big games, against Ranelagh from Ireland and Ellipsis from Australia. Win and we play for a spot in the top 16. I feel like I could walk the sideline a bit, and maybe yell a few helpful words from an appropriate distance.

Keep on keeping on being awesome, my dear friends.



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