The Joy of Adversity

The adversity I refer to in this post is specifically related to throwing passes in ultimate, but can relate to any skill where repetition provides opportunity for improvement.

If you ever play ultimate with me, there’s a good chance I’ll

express a desire for you to feel good about the last pass you threw. Not because it was a completion or a turnover, not because it was the right option, not because you should have tried it, and not because I think you made the right or wrong choice. But because by looking back on each moment pragmatically, with a clear mind, I believe the next pass you throw can be better. It can be more technically sound. A better decision. Better for the team in that moment.

By creating a series of useful memories, rather than focussing deeply on any disappointments, my hope is you will recall with clarity the information that will help you make the best decision at any given moment. Sometimes this decision will need to be made in a fraction of a second, so the more useful micro-moments your brain has to subconsciously call on, the greater the chance of success.

Anyway, that’s my two pennies.


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