WUCC 2022, T minus 5 days

Shorter post today as it is already 30 minutes past midnight.

Morning training was ok, with even a bit of wind to make us Wellingtonians feel at home. Still a bit to work on, but that’s what warmup week is for.

Lots of rest during the middle of the day (which is perhaps when I should have written the draft of this post.) Back to the deli for a sweet roasted vegetable sandwich which was awesome. (See image for a photo of their sweet wall artwork.) I even took two of the other guys from the team, and they both thought the meal and Service were great too!

In the evening, our first warmup game… could definitely have been better. Too many unforced mistakes from our team, and I even dropped a pass, cold, with no pressure from the player defending me. We’ll bring more fire and intensity tomorrow.

Peace and many good vibes to you all. Catch you tomorrow.


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