WUCC 2022, T minus 6 days

Sleep last night… interesting to say the least. Air conditioning didn’t work in the room I was in, and lights illuminating the top step couldn’t be turned off and shone unfortunately just in the door. Oof.


Even with only about two hours of deep sleep, the day went ok. We trained in the morning before the full power of the sun kicked in – I always forget how much quicker your body tires in the heat! Hydrate! We did well for our being our first hit out, and I hope our first warmup game tomorrow continues the trend.

Non-ultimate happenings

Minneapolis has some lovely architecture among its many older brick, and taller, newer, metal and glass buildings. I did not have the intention of looking for churches around the area, but on my walk to the deli I’d find for lunch, the beautiful spires of two drew my attention. Over the lower shopfronts around them, they definitely stood out.

A quick Google search found a deli with good ratings and good vegetarian options. The staff were extremely friendly and struck up a good chat. It helped the food was tasty too. I will probably visit again before we leave for Chicago. They made me feel very welcome and happy to be here, not just in the cafe but in Minnesota.

Thank you Afro Deli & Grill for making it easy to get filling food and enjoy the experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better place for my first time adventuring solo around the city.

Back at our accomodation (into WiFi range) I found my fiance had messaged me. Thankfully the timing of my afternoon overlapped with her morning back in New Zealand and we had a conversation. Taking with her is a valuable and valued addition to any day.

This post was a bit longer than I had intended them to be, but a lot happened today!

Catch you tomorrow friends. Peace.


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