Easy as 1-2-ree?

It really is as easy as doing the things our body and mind tell us we need to. But don’t let my confidence in saying this fool you into thinking I have it down. I still struggle to figure out what it is I need to do when, and take the action needed to satisfy these things.

The past week has definitely been a strange one. I’ve been able to acknowledge when I need something, usually, and even materialise certain solutions in my mind. The assistance of others to think up potential solutions has been invaluable during this week. What has still been a problem is making a choice and carrying it out, even with usefully found or imparted information.

But I keep trying to figure it out. Some days with gusto, others with a kind of half-assed apathy that has me feeling like I should be doing more.

However we are going about today – this one, this day, right here and now – is us doing our best. Time and energy spent thinking otherwise can lead down rabbit holes which are difficult to navigate and sometimes seem impossible to escape from.

This is not true. There are guides to help us, friends to keep us company for a part or the whole of the way, or little things we can do to make finding the right stuff a little bit easier a little at a time.

Counting up to three or down from three is a seemingly inconsequential action. But do it when I am struggling to put my feet on the floor, or go for a walk, or even take a few deep breaths, and it can be just what I need to start.

Here’s a throwback to a blog post from a few years ago which is still true:

Just. Keep. Starting.

PEACE, to you dear friend.

Cover photo by Black ice from Pexels.


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