Pace yourself

Sometimes we want things to happen, and we want them to have happened yesterday. I often find myself drawn back to feeling this. Being present in the current moment is difficult, but crucially beneficial. Whether we are writing a book, playing in the final of a sports league, performing our latest production on stage, or cooking dinner-for-one at home, being present in that moment helps it to be the best it can be.

Several of my recent posts have had this same theme running through them. That it is on my mind so often speaks to me of how important it is I remember it. I’ve wanted to be married since I was twenty-three, for no other reason than a self-imposed deadline. I’ve wanted to write books since Year 11 of high school, but didn’t have the temerity to finish any of the stories I started. I’ve wanted to be an accomplished musician since I first picked up a guitar when I was eighteen, but lack of confidence in my abilities at any given time holds me back from fully committing to making it happen. And don’t get me started on my goal of winning New Zealand Mixed Ultimate Nationals.

No matter what it is we want to do, there are milestones we will need to make it to along the way. Depending on what it is, and what our strengths are, we might progress on the journey faster or slower than others. Slower doesn’t mean we’re not competent, just as fast doesn’t mean we’re moving too quickly to do the thing to the best of our ability. The book I’m currently working on and hoping to publish, is three years worth of writing and editing so far. It has not come together as fast as I would have hoped when I began. But, as I work on it I’m realising the pace I work at needs to be right for me. Too quick and I’ll miss some of the changes which could make it even better. Leave it aside for too long, while I possess the creative energy and drive to work on it, and I’m letting myself down. I must trust that when I work, I am doing the best I can at that time.

This is doubly true for recording music. I consistently doubt my ability to record much of the music I write, to the standard I hear it in my mind. Who is setting this expectation? Me. If I write something that is more complex than I can comfortably play to record at any given moment: awesome! My mind has conceived a musical idea which is pleasing to my ears and might make for a good song. If it’s not in my soul to finish the song at that moment, or I require more practice to play it competently, then that is something I can acknowledge and put into action!

And if I am to get married, it will happen in the time it is supposed to. We are wise not to rush any interaction in any relationship, be it romantic, friendship, or family. Honest communication, with much listening, and only as much talking as the individual conversation requires.

I’m no expert in any of these things, but I have learned a lot as I journey through this thing we call life. You will have learned a lot too. One thing that will remain true, is that we will always have plenty to learn, and with an open mind we can continue to learn it.

Keep on keeping on being awesome.


Cover photo from Pixabay.


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