Ultimate (frisbee) is a non-contact sport. This means whenever contact occurs between two players, something hasn’t gone as planned. It’s seldom through an intentional action, but that contact occurred shows a rule has possibly been infringed, and a foul has occurred. What level of contact constitutes ‘non-incedental’ will differ between players, so communication before a game is best to ensure both teams are on the same page before a disc is thrown.

Ultimate is also a self-refereed sport, which means every player who steps onto the field of play is responsible for knowing the rules, and ensuring everyone does their best to adhere to them, including themselves. This means it is important to understand that if you and your mark have a higher threshold for non-incidental contact than others, you must play in a way that everyone on the field is comfortable with. If you and your mark run near (a) player(s) that feel(s) safer with more space when making a bid to catch a disc, and move very quickly through a small gap, that might be disconcerting for them.

Hence, an agreement must be reached, preferably before the game begins and adrenalin is coursing through the veins.

This is true for many interactions in our lives. One situation is if we expect others to communicate with us first all the time. This can become frustrating for those people and eventually drain their energy reserves. Some people are more comfortable leading and organising projects and events, and some people are more comfortable following and helping once they know what the thing is. But, every so often, we can and should reach out of that comfortable space, be courageous and take the lead. Or, we can embrace a support role – which may be just as uncomfortable for us if we are used to leading – and nudge others to practice their leadership skills.

I have fallen into the follower bracket for most of my life. I am a darn good helper, and will do whatever task I’ve been assigned or have picked up to the best of my abilities, but I struggle to be the first person to engage a new idea. At work, I enjoy sitting at my desk and carrying out the data entry I am responsible for every day. I’m not so good at picking up new tasks, or training different skills, without a major push from my managers. They never push in an unhealthy way for me to do something I really don’t want to, but they also know that I fall into a comfort zone very easily, so encourage me to challenge myself.

The same is true of my writing and music projects. I have all the equipment and software I need to produce books and record music, but it’s like I’m waiting for someone else to give me each and every little step to progress. I move at iceberg pace sometimes. Embracing the unknown and putting myself out there is not one of my favourite things, but I am getting better at it. I know how to take a story idea and turn it into a manuscript (one completed, yay!) but I don’t know about the process of effectively editing and publishing a book. I will need to talk to people who do, which is a self-directed task where I must go and find the people who know. It’s a similar thing with music. I can write songs I like, even record them, but I know little about the production process after that. I don’t have a great handle on the mastering to get the music to pop, or getting my music on the internet so people can listen to it. Places like YouTube and SkillShare have many great resources for learning these things, and also how to find experts in different fields to learn from!

One step at a time, right? That’s what I’m doing anyway. I keep writing one word after another, and recording one note after another. Eventually I’ll get there.

* * *

What are some awesome creative things you are working on at the moment? (Note: the creative things you are working on are awesome!)

I talk about my efforts to write books and poetry and record music often here, so I am always keen to hear about creative things you are putting time and effort into!

* * *

Through God all things are possible.

Keep on keeping on being awesome.


Cover photo by F T from Pexels.


6 thoughts on “Compromise

  1. K.L. Hale says:

    My dear friend, I love this post. Your honesty and transparency are so beautiful! I used to be just like you. And still, at times, I’ve held back from moving forward ~needing that extra push! But you will continue to move forward~just as you do here with your writing. And even at the pace you work best, you’re still a blessing and inspiration! I’m proud of you, Hamish! Peace and blessings! 🙏🏻💛🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hamish says:

      Thank you for your heartwarming words. 😊 We each have beautiful things to offer the world and each other, and I thank God whenever I think about the wonderful people I’ve met, both in person and through the helpful medium of the internet and lifegiving places like WordPress.

      Your little nudges have been a blessing, and I’m glad I can offer similar little nudges to you too. Go well into the coming weekend, and week, and weekend. etc. 🧡

      Liked by 1 person

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