Duty of care

I am a follower of Jesus, a Christian, I attend church – or any other number of different ways it may be helpful for you to think about this big part of my life. A huge part of what this means is living by sharing love and kindness wherever I happen to be. Now, this is different from being ‘nice’ all the time, which is actually unhelpful, and can be dishonest to ourselves and others. What it means is letting others know where they are doing good in their lives, and where they need to put effort in to change and improve. More importantly, it means I need to listen when others let me know of the goodness I am emitting in my life, and where I need to put effort in to improve and change my own behaviour.

Let me ask a potentially divisive question: Regardless of what a person believes, whether the end of our human life is the end of our existence or not, what will we have lost at the end of that life if we have choose to share love and kindness as often as we can?

I would argue we would have lost little, and gained far more than I can write with simple words in this blog post.

This kindness most definitely extends to ourselves, and sometimes has to start there. If we do not look after our own body, mind, and soul, it becomes increasingly difficult to acknowledge stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, resentment, and other debilitating emotions, to accept them as valid for us at that time, and then work on healthily processing them. For me, this means laying these feelings at the feet of Jesus, and remembering my life is better if I assume people are doing the best they can at the time. This is a quote from Brené Brown”s book Rising Strong I return to often. For you, it might mean intensely feeling the emotion, and talking through the reasons why this emotion might be present with a close friend or family member. It might mean going for a long walk and ‘throwing’ the emotion into the ocean. Maybe it means losing yourself in the beauty of birds singing in the forest or park.

Whatever it is, know that working to improve the way we process these seemingly negative emotions in a healthy way will help us live a more fulfilling life. Other bloggers here on WordPress explain how to work through these emotions better than I ever could.

As an example, at present in my life I do not sleep on a healthy regular schedule, nor do I sleep long enough. Over time this impacts my mental health in a big way. At first I don’t realise the changes occurring. But after a few days of sleeping six or fewer hours, my pragmatic perspective towards life starts to fade, and things which are usually automatic start to take a lot more energy to accomplish. I love writing and editing stories, but if I lack sleep it becomes a chore to pick up my pen, and I begin believing anything I write is of poor quality and not worth sharing. This in itself is difficult for me to share, because writing is a wonderfully personal and uplifting way for me to express myself most of the time.

Over the past week I have slipped into sleeping fewer hours than I need because I wanted to finish the first comprehensive edit of my novel manuscript, ‘Balance of Honour’, an epic fantasy journey inspired by Japanese culture and mythology.

Yesterday I finished this edit of my manuscript!

I also only got five and a half hours sleep. I acknowledged this as a decision I had consciously made, and sank into a restful slumber, even thought I knew the coming day would most likely be difficult.

Somehow I managed to get more work done in six hours than I normally would in my eight hour work day. Strange, huh? This does not mean I magically need less sleep than I used to. It means I have some hours of sleep to catch up on, to ensure I right the ship before I slip too far away from equilibrium. (See what I did there, making a reference to one of the key themes in my novel?)

Look after yourself my friends. Trust that saying no, honestly, when a majority of the fibres in our being is encouraging us to, can be a wise decision. Be it saying ‘no’ to playing video games late at night, writing and publishing a blog post on schedule, going to the movies with friends, or going to work on a day we feel under the weather, sometimes it is the right choice.

Go well into your coming week my friends, and keep on keeping on being awesome.


Cover photo by Nitin Arya from Pexels.


12 thoughts on “Duty of care

  1. K.L. Hale says:

    Hamish, there is extraordinary wisdom in this post my dear friend. I said, “Amen” out loud to every paragraph. I had posted one time, and said to friends, EVEN if I was unsure of eternity why WOULDN’T I follow the words and wisdom of Jesus? Couldn’t the world use this as a platform of positivity? Being a Christian is indeed more than being “nice”. You nailed it! To be the best version HE wants us to be we definitely have to do our part to take care. We’re similar brother! I love Brene Brown’s “take” on so many parts of life. Thank you for your constant encouragement ~and transparency about your own life. It is such a breath of fresh air and encouragement always! God bless you my friend. I’m
    so glad we connected! I hope health, rest, and continued peace falls on you daily. 💛❤️💚🙏🏻 Karla

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    1. Hamish says:

      It’s been a long process of pushing through darkness to get to where I am. Thinking I wasn’t good enough to be, let alone use the amazing gifts God has given me, writing being one of these. In the past couple of years I’ve finally tipped over into feeling comfortable with life more than 50% of the time – and what a wonderful feeling that is!

      I, too, am glad we connected. ❤ God’s peace be with you, and bless you as you go into the coming week.

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  2. The Wheelchair Teen says:

    Congratulations on finishing the editing of your manuscript! I also believe that one of our biggest priorities in life should be spreading love and kidness to ourselves and others. The world would be a better place if we all did. I’m also a Christian and am glad that you also have a faith. ❤

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    1. Hamish says:

      I’m good at sharing the kindness part, and am getting better at sharing the harder truths with love – and getting better at receiving those harder truths about things I need to change too!

      It was strange thinking about making through editing an entire novel manuscript. Had *I* really had done this thing? God is encouraging me every step of the way, and gently reminds me to keep editing it, and get it published and out in the world. It is taking longer than I initially thought, but I am becoming more and more excited about sharing this wonderful story when it is ready.

      Thank you for sharing your love and light with the world. 💛

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  3. inspirechief says:

    Hamish, this is well written and full of knowledge. For me life can be overwhelming at times and I also hand it over to Jesus.
    I wasn’t always living my life in a positive and nice manner. I have since chosen to spend my remaining time on earth being nice to people.
    Remember to achieve something you will have to give up something. Nothing is free. For you it might be sleep. It will be worth it in the end. Take care and God Bless. Scott

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    1. Hamish says:

      I feel that overwhelm sometimes too. God never gives us more than we can handle, but sometimes it feels mighty close! It is taking me a lot of patience and practice to acknowledge what is bothering me, take it, and lay that burden at the feet of Jesus. But every time I do, I feel the acceptance and love flood back into me.

      Sacrifice is a big part of life, and looking back now, I wouldn’t change any of those late nights writing and editing with some good calming music in the background.

      Thank you for sharing more of your story and wisdom. I always appreciate it, and the encouragement with a kick up the backside every now and then when it’s needed.


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  4. annmary0723 says:

    I agree with the thought that no matter what we believe in, we should all be kinder, to our world, to people and to ourselves. because first of all, it will affect not only other’s lives, but our own as well. we’ll all be living in a much more positive atmosphere then

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    1. Hamish says:

      Choices we make often reach further than we think, even when we think about the repercussions before making the decision.

      Thank you foot taking the time to leave your valuable thoughts. It’s always good to hear from you. 😊


    1. Hamish says:

      Thank you for reading and for your comment. Sleeping regular hours is something I am trying to do more of. Going to sleep at the same time each night and waking up the same time each morning – even if that doesn’t mean getting as much sleep as I would like!

      Thank you for offer of conversation for the wee hours of the morning when sleep will not come.

      I pray you go well into the coming week and that enough sleep finds its way to you.

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