What does this mean to you?

Is it some far away concept that seems unattainable? Or the embodiment of how you go about living your life?

Recently while at work I have been spending more time thinking about writing and music than I have the tasks I am paid to do while I’m there. In a sense it feels like my paid work is taking time from me that I would otherwise be able to spend writing and developing the story ideas running through my mind. Of course this is not true, because I must earn income to have the means to eat and pay rent. It is a goal of mine to be able to write for a living. However, this is a long term plan.

At times it feels like working for eight hours a day, five days a week, most weeks of the year, limits my ability to do the life-giving things that bring me joy; writing, making music, creating things with others. This also is not true. My job affords my subconscious mind time to drift around and grab onto ideas it may not have thought of otherwise. Our organisation also supports stroke survivors and their families around New Zealand, so we are hopefully impacting lives positively. (Even though I am working in the background and not directly involved in providing this support.)

Thankfully there are times I feel the shackles loosen and creativity come to the fore in my conscious mind. Whenever I grab onto this, and throw these ideas onto page without limits, I feel energy coursing through my veins. I am doing what I was meant for. The same feeling rises in my soul when I engage with music. Whether it’s listening to a new song I’ve found, playing my guitar and singing passionately, or writing my next ‘greatest’ tune, I am drawn into a world I can’t quite explain. Like the feeling of sun on the skin on a spring day, or sitting cuddled under a blanket in front of a roaring fire with a hot chocolate: it feels cosy, comfortable, and just right.

It is a wonderful thing to know, yet I still spend inordinate amounts of time doing things that are not this. Even when I’ve organised plenty of time outside of work to not be booked with appointments and engagements, I manage to find less useful things to do. To put it bluntly, I squander a lot more time than I should. I would have had the first edit of my first book well and truly done if I had used more of my time embracing this creativity energy!

There’s no point looking back at that time and hoping I’d spent it differently. No matter how much I want to change the past to have been more productive, I do not own a machine which enables traversing the temporal.

What can I do? Write more stories, sing more songs, cook more meals. Put simply: make stuff, and share wonderful moments with people.

* * *

What are the creative goodnesses in your life that you know you are meant for?

How can you flip things in your life to spend more time diving into these with all your energy?

* * *

Drive yourself to be the best you can be every day. Sometimes, this will mean making a cup of tea and watching your favourite television shows. Other times it will mean creating and even finishing amazing things in less time than we thought possible!

You’ve. Got. This.


Cover photo by amy chung from Pexels.


18 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Ab says:

    Finding the balance between our β€œpaid work” and our creative ambitions is a challenge for sure. Good for you for recognizing that balance – or lack of balance – and for trying to find a way forward with your creative pursuits!

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    1. Hamish says:

      Balance. Such a great word, and an admirable goal. Thank you for the reminder. As I say to myself so often (including here on my blog!) knowing the right choices to make to encourage balance in our lives and actually *making* those choices are two different things.

      I’m working on being better at the second one! Thank you for reading, and I hope this week is a good one for you. 😊

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  2. CG Thelen says:

    The LICC (London Institute for Contemporary Christianity) has a great approach to equipping Christians for ministry in the workplace. Frontline Fruitfulness is one book they offer. Check out their website at for more resources they offer.

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    1. Hamish says:

      Thank you for sharing this resource. It is something I have struggled with most of my working life, whether in a small not for profit organisation where I am now, or larger corporate entities. I will have a read and take some of these along to our Life Group tonight. 😊

      I hope you are well this week.

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  3. Cheryl, Gulf Coast Poet says:

    Hamish, balancing work, family, avocations, and personal life is a lifelong challenge. You will get more comfortable with it, but the situations are constantly evolving. Set your priorities, and try to be kind to yourself! πŸ™‚ Don’t be so driven that you miss out on the joys of life! ❀ Downtime is necessary for creativity.

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    1. Hamish says:

      Participate and celebrate the journey as well as the goals we’re aiming for, right? Wisdom I am thankful you often remind me of. 😊 If we are too focussed, we can miss out on the beauty in between point A and B!

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  4. thewheelchairteen says:

    This is a good way of thinking, sometimes it can be easy to think the opposite. But it sounds like your job is pretty important and being able to write full-term is a process that takes time, it almost never happens instantly. But I’ve read your work and I know that it’s practically an inevitability. πŸ™‚
    While I was studying at the Gaphic Design School, I used to see it as working towards my creative pursuits because I knew that if I worked hard and handed in all of my assignments on time, I’d graduate and have more free time afterwards to work on my stories. So whether I was writing or doing school assignments – I was still working towards my creative pursuits in a way.

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    1. Hamish says:

      Thank you for sharing these stories. It can be all too easy to see the immediate results of what we are doing, rather than zoom out and take in the whole picture. Steps we think are in the ‘wrong’ directions can actually be some of the most important ones we have taken. So many skills we learn have so many more uses than the thing we practiced using them for. There are so many facets of graphic design that transfer to other creative pursuits too!

      When I finished my teaching study, but didn’t go into teaching straight away I had the though, “Was that study worth it?” Since then, there have been more moments than I can count where the communication skills I practiced in a classroom, and the different ways of encouraging people to be excited about learning have come in handy!

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    1. Hamish says:

      Thank you. 😊 We are not called to be the best we can ever be every day. We are called to be the best we can be on *that* day. Learning and re-learning this has been a journey for me, which continues to this day. When I turn to God, who guides my steps as I go, the path I travel is the best one. Not the easiest every day, and not the most productive every day, but the best one. ✨


  5. K.L. Hale says:

    You’re a wise young man, Hamish. Your words always resonate with me! Being free in Christ gives us a freedom that is unlike any other. And the freedom you write about~I understand it. There are days I feel so free. I’m in nature, birds singing, I’m sipping coffee by some beautiful landscape, a story comes to my mind, a memory marinates in my heart, a song will come out of my soul….those are the moments I feel the most free. Your organization sounds like a wonderful place! I have no doubts you will be successful at whatever you do. Personalities such as musicians and writers FIND THEIR PLACE in this world. And you bring beauty to it wherever you go. Hugs and peace my friend!

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    1. Hamish says:

      Time with God, in the quiet spaces between the directions the world is pulling us, that is where true peace lies. The refreshing aroma of a hot coffee, the quiet of a tree-filled park, sometimes even the chaos of a frisbee field.

      If we’re not “there” yet, keep asking God, and keep seeking that peace with Him to clear the fog in our mind.

      Thank you for your kindness, and your encouragement to seek time with Jesus. ❀

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