Words are a good start. Without action borne from those words, sometimes that is all they will ever be. Words can hurt, heal, encourage, deflate, or even instill apathy. Every single person, I believe, has the power to change this world for the better. Some changes will be small, others big, but step by step we can propel ourselves towards being good to each other – to everyone.

Now, I’m not saying writing is a futile activity – far from it as I am a writer myself after all! It is far more powerful an act than simple ink blotches on a page could ever show. We can be immersed in history from ages past. We can be thrust forward into futures yet to be. We can even be transported to places and times that are so fantastical it blows our perception of ‘what is’ right out of the water!

For the most part I never intend to start writing the stories I write. The process usually goes something like this:

  • An idea pops into my head from somewhere: reading a book, watching a tv show or a film, having a conversation, or even watching sport.
  • My mind runs with it, thinking of all the possibilities for characters, events, obstacles, beginnings, middles, and endings, whether it is set in our world or somewhere else, whether it is based in fact or fantasy.
  • I write these ideas down in an adhoc sort of plan OR I simply start writing the story.
  • If I’ve written with a pen and paper I put it in my physical ‘Story Ideas’ folder. If I’ve started writing digitally I move it to the appropriate ‘short story’ or ‘novel’ folder in my Google Drive.

It is a fascinating process to be in the middle of. I find this type of writing far easier than intentionally setting out to write a story about X topic for Y reason. (This is also a fine way to do things. See: almost every university assignment every written.)

If I let those initial writings sit and wait forever, and didn’t go back, at least to some of them, I would not finish any stories and I would not share them with anyone. For some ideas, this can be their purpose, to help my mind work through an idea, research a particular topic, or practice different writing techniques. Other stories are so brilliantly beautiful it would be a crime not to flesh them out into a full story ready to throw out into the world!

So far I have not been good at this second part. I let my mind run away with the possibilities of what could be, and neglect to fine tune the ideas my mind and soul have already begun creatively shaping.

Every day I am getting better.

I’ve said many times on this blog, a ‘do’ attitude will help us be productive. At work, in our creative endeavours, playing sport, communicating well, even things as ‘simple’ as deciding what to have for dinner. You can do it.

* * *

Are you a writer? What ideas are you working on at the moment for your latest story/blog/article/recipe/report/assignment?

What parts of the process are stumbling blocks for you?

* * *

We each have strengths and weaknesses. Some overlap and are easy to recognise. Others seem to be unique to us, but we never have to do anything alone.

Keep on keeping on being awesome. PEACE.

Cover photo by nappy from Pexels.


7 thoughts on “Action

    1. Hamish says:

      It is amazing how similar the way we create things can be to others! Like you, when I let my mind wander freely, holding onto just the barest thread so I can capture any ideas, I find things I would have never thought possible. For me, when I am at work concentrating on tasks that don’t require my full brainpower, ideas just seem to find me. I must capture them otherwise they are fleeting glimpses of what might have turned into stories to share!

      Thank you for sharing about your creative process. ✨


      1. d.a.simpsonwriter says:

        These observations are so interesting and encouraging. Your remark about the freely wandering mind coupled with the fleeting moments are so very relatable. And we absolutely must capture our thoughts at that moment or they will be forever lost and we can be left feeling uneasy for quite a time as we struggle to recall them, as well as because we didn’t record them when they were available. I’m glad that you gave expression to these sentiments that also resonate in my own experience.
        Very many blessings always.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. thewheelchairteen says:

    It was interesting reading about your writing process, mine tends to be a little different so it’s always intruiging seeing different ways you can be inspired to write. I used to be someone who was great at coming up with ideas and would thoroughly enjoy the planning process, but then I’d give up before I actually started writing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hamish says:

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and share, it is always great to hear from you! 💛

      I used to think I needed a thorough plan before beginning to write. Turned out that changed with each creative journey I embarked on. Sometimes when I write music it grows out of a simple guitar riff. Other times I write the lyrics first and build around that. Still other times I sit at my desk and air drum a particular drum line that runs through my head.

      Change is ok, and can help us develop and refine our processes, for writing, making music, cooking different meals – really any type of creation!

      I hope your creative process grows and you can mould it to be as useful as it can be for you. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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