Make time

My schedule feels completely full at the moment. Being honest, to you and myself, it is a little bit more full than I can handle. Mostly this is because I’ve added things to it. I’ve added and added, but not taken much away to make time for these new things in my schedule. I feel called to write, to improve my musical aptitude, and to share joy with others, but I’m either not removing unnecessary things from my life or actively choosing to spend too long doing things that are unhealthy time sinks.

We make time for what we want to make time for.

This statement is one that rings true for me every day. It is difficult to remind ourselves that if we really want to do something it might mean sacrificing something else. Time is a finite resource, one we can never get back once it is used. (At least until a means to travel through time is invented this will be true.) Therefore we have to be intelligent with how we spend our time.

For at least the past twelve I have played ultimate frisbee at least twice a week, for a minimum of one hour each time. Of course there have been injuries which meant taking time off to recover, and a small number of holidays that were not based around playing ultimate frisbee. Apart from these ‘pauses’ it was never an option in my mind to choose not to play in the local leagues if I was able to. This was a choice. However automatic the habit of saying yes to playing ultimate became it was still a choice. Only during the Covid-19 pandemic have I started to think that not playing ultimate, at least for a time, would be a choice I could be comfortable with. For half of each year I committed eight hours to playing and practicing, not including the several weekend tournaments I played. That doesn’t seem an awfully large amount, but with full-time work and hours required for sleeping effectively that eight hours certainly eats into available time.

The ultimate I play at the moment equates to four hours on the court. Factoring in travel time to and from the venue, the amount of time this choice commits me to is between six to nine hours. I have been ok with this for almost all the time I have played ultimate. Even when struggling deeply with depression I had been ok with this choice. Even when getting to games and practices seemed the most difficult thing I could do, I knew it was good for my mental health so I did it.

Photo by Bradley Hook from Pexels.

A new season has arrived in my life. Ultimate is no longer the biggest boon for a healthy mind for me. It is still useful, as regular exercise is for anyone, but my brain does not automatically think of the answer ‘yes’ when asked to join a team. I want to spend more time writing. In the past three months I have entered two short story competitions with my dad. Though stressful at times, as any project we care about can be, it has been great to spend that time together. This has encouraged me to improve my craft and keep writing. Thus I am inching the first draft of my first book ever closer to completion. I have recorded almost all the music for the first EP I aim to release into the world.

It has been difficult to fit these things around the time constraints of ultimate, work, sleep, church, and bible study. As I have increased the time spent on playing music at church, reading scripture, praying, writing, and practicing the guitar, I had not removed anything to manage this. I am realising to maintain good mental and physical health I need to balance my time. This includes choosing taking sufficient time to rest, not doing anything which has the potential to drain my energy. No video games, no ultimate frisbee, no playing guitar, no writing. Deep breaths, a comfortable position, relaxing rain sounds, a restful book, listening to God.

Make time for what you want to make time for.

What do you want to make time for? How does your schedule look at the moment? Would you benefit from dropping a few things, even just for a few weeks? How could you manage this?

I pray you actively find what you need this week. Peace to you, dear friends.

Featured image by Eugene Shelestov from Pexels.


15 thoughts on “Make time

    1. Hamish says:

      Yes, something I am still learning. It’s ok not to get everything done that I wanted to today. Some things take longer than we think. Do the most important ones first and assess how much time we truly have later.

      Thank you for your comment, and wisdom in return.

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  1. Sundaram Chauhan says:

    A very relevant post in today’s scenario Hamish. Finding time, and making it. We need time to sharpen the axe, else the no. of trees it cuts would come down. Makes me think about my own schedule and priorities. Thanks for sharing. 🙏☺️

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    1. Hamish says:

      You are most welcome. Thank you for reading. It is a lifelong effort to improve how I use my time. In this season of my life, recording music and writing stories. A few seasons away, who knows, maybe I’ll have children and be encouraging them to do the same?

      Peace to you 🤙

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  2. thewheelchairteen says:

    ‘Make time for what you want to make time for.’ I think that this is a very important quote for anyone who feels as if they have a stressful life. Sometimes, all it takes is changing your attitude about how you approach your day for things to become slightly easier for you – Like how you started to think differently about playing Ultimate Frisbee. As someone who recently created a new schedule for myself because I have to get back to work now that the holiday is over, I found this post to be insightful and to really ring true. When I created my schedule, I included the usual studying and working, but for the first, I worked in time for reading, praying and relaxing too.
    Keep encouraging your readers with your insightful words. I can’t wait for your next post!


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  3. Alice says:

    You’re so right that we have to make time for the things we truly want to have in our lives. It’s so easy to fill time with things “because it’s what we’ve always done”, without questioning it’s worth and value in the current moment.
    It’s difficult giving something up, but there’s no one stopping you from going back if you ever change your mind.
    Best of luck 😊

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    1. Hamish says:

      Since the creation and rise of social media we have so much at our fingertips, and not all of it is necessarily useful. Cutting out what we don’t need in our lived doesn’t always align with our expectations. I pray every day that I become quicker at recognising what is beneficial to my life.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and share your valuable thoughts. 😊

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  4. seekingdivineperspective says:

    If I may offer my (divine?) perspective, it sounds to me as though you are making much better use of your time. With all due respect to ultimate frisbee, your writing is going to be a much more lasting and meaningful legacy. As for the benefits of exercise and camaraderie, you can get both of those in what you have now set as priority. I usually pray while walking my dog a couple of miles a day and/or riding my bike or kayaking. Sunday school discussions, coffee hour, and lingering after service at church provides some of the best fellowship from likeminded people, as “iron sharpens iron.” I commend you on your good choices at apparently such a young age. Blessings! – Annie

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    1. Hamish says:

      Thank you for your wisdom Annie. It really has been a blessing reducing the number of hours I commit to playing frisbee a week. It is still good for exercise, but realising I can spend my time writing, in fellowship at morning tea after church, with God as I walk through a park, has been enlightening. I make some good choices, but still have a ways to go to make the majority of my choices good ones.

      Being around the right type of people is something I have valued this year, and I look forward to moving into a home I will live in for a sustained period of time. I have not yet identified this place, but I trust God is guiding be to where I will to start a family and keep in writing.

      I pray you continue to be encouraged in your journey, as you have so kindly encouraged me. Peace to you and your loved ones. 😊

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