Slotting in

At times we fit in where we are. At work, at home, on the sports field, walking through the mountains, wherever. Either because we have a sense we are in the right place or because it is convenient for us to be there. But is where we are, where we really want to be?

The rat race. A term used to describe the struggle for wealth and success, most often in a corporate setting. I dislike the notion of working a ‘9-5’ job. My most productive times often come outside these hours, and sometimes I would prefer a day off midweek and fit the hours on other days if need be. Being most productive in the evening is great for working on my own projects but not so helpful for finishing work tasks in a timely manner day in, day out.

Please understand I am not averse to hard work. Currently I work a couple more hours a week than I am paid for at my day job, because I know what I’m doing is helping people in need. Hence, it is does not drain my energy as much as working a job where this is not the case. When I get home I spend an abundance of time writing my books to one day be published, and practicing playing music to be recorded and one day released. This usually leaves some time for sleeping, when my mind manages to calm it’s creative magnificence to allow it.

I am a writer. Every fibre of my being organises words in interesting to read ways, when I am actively trying to and when I’m not. I want to be able to make a living as a writer, so I work every day to move closer to this goal. Some days I move a little, some days I move substantially more. At the moment, to pay rent, buy food, and afford recreation like playing ultimate and watching movies at the theatre, I work a 9-5 Monday to Friday job. As long as I keep working hard this will not be forever.

When I walk to and from work I find myself skipping between people who seem unaware of efficient and cooperative ways of being a pedestrian. At times I am one of them. I join in with the rush on my daily commute to and from work. People getting on and off buses, walking in and out of office buildings, picking up their morning coffee. I pray people do not stay working the job they have simply because they are currently in it. If like me these people are earning their income to afford to live, and are not challenged in a good way in their everyday job, I pray they make time and energy for what matters to them. Friends, family, boardgames, sport, circus, reading, writing, learning a language, playing music, listening to music.

I enjoy my work and like being around the people I work with. This means I work hard when I am there and don’t have to spend all my energy fitting in during the day, just to have only enough energy to watch TV and rest, before doing it again tomorrow.

Find your balance.

Identify your dreams and slot into them. Don’t try and find your dreams within the box you’re in if they don’t exist there.

Where does it feel like your mind is at the end of the day? At work? At home? In the pages of a good book? In the wilderness? Maybe you want this to change? Let us know in the comments below. Take a step towards making positive change



2 thoughts on “Slotting in

  1. AP2 says:

    I like your thoughts. I remember reading a book called ‘Why we sleep’ that discusses how our internal body clocks are all different. Many of us – myself included – are ‘night owls’ – this is when I get my best creative work done too – however I also have trouble calming my mind before going to sleep as a result. I’m next to useless in the morning time which is why I reserve that time for mindfulness and exercise as ways to get into gear so to speak. Going into wilderness or walking in the park is great for generating creative ideas – I also jot them down when I do. Thanks for sharing

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  2. Hamish says:

    Yes, so very much yes, to all of the above. It can be easy to think we have to fit a mould that society puts around us when actually that is not healthy for who we are as a person.

    Like you, often ideas strike when I am out walking and I jot them down in my phone, or write them down with pen and paper when I get home. (I love the act of writing with a real pen and real paper, you know?)

    In addition to your blog, do you have other writings or creativity available to read? Or might there be done in the works in the future?

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