Just visiting

Over the past decade I have felt like a visitor in the place that would be called my home far more often than I haven’t. All the houses I have lived in were sound buildings, with good people; kind humans being kind to one another, trying their best to be the best them they could be. But I still wrestled with the feeling I was in a temporary home, a visitor. It was the truth each place was temporary. It was the truth the people extended hospitality to me to make me feel at home. It was untruth perpetuated by my mind that meant it felt like it wasn’t home.

This is a feeling that follows me around and rears its head more strongly some days than others. Wanting what I don’t have is a feeling I know I am not alone in having. Whatever destination we are heading towards we are unable to skip the steps in between where we are right now, and the desired end result. The most prominent destination in my mind is that I look forward to living in a home I call my own, with a loving wife and children to create memories with, in a building to offer beautiful hospitality outward to others from.

Some of these are already achievable in my life, and I can complete various parts of the journey of now. Inviting friends over to share dinner and board games, and cherishing memories already created with these wonderful people. Others will require patience.

One thing I am working on having, as often as I can, is faith that whatever God works out in my life will be what works. Some days it is easier to pragmatically  hold on to this faith than others. Every day I am able to write, to create and record music, to chase a circular piece of plastic with friends, and to share the joys and tragedies of TV alongside meaningful conversation, I am blessed.

Thank you to all my friends, to all my family, to all my work colleagues, and to fellow ultimate players. Thank you to God. The life I have been gifted with is good. Today and every day of my life I am but a visitor on this beautiful, precious, planet earth we call home. I am thankful to call it home with each and every one of you. Let us look after it as best we can. Let us look after each other as best we can.



3 thoughts on “Just visiting

  1. Alice says:

    I very much understand the feeling of being like a visitor. It’s something I used to feel a lot in the past – when I felt detached from everything and everyone. Now, I feel completely different. I think finding a way to connect with people and allowing them to understand you helps a lot. And accepting the notion that no one can understand you completely – even the world around you and the way you’re living in it – but that’s okay

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    1. Hamish says:

      You are absolutely right. Communicating well with others, and being honest with ourselves, is key to building up the understanding we have. I’m still figuring out who I am and where I’m going, and journeying with others while they do the same makes it more enjoyable – even at the times life is a struggle to make sense of.

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      1. Alice says:

        Yes definitely, I think everyone is all on their own journey to figure out who they truly are, and I suppose when you look at it positively it’s all a bit of an adventure! You never know where you’re going to end up, but that’s pretty cool 😊

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