Hoping for the best

Change is something we humans can struggle with, especially big change, and especially when that change is forced upon us. The current pandemic has been a cause of much unexpected change over the past three or so months. We have been tested, and still are being tested – some countries more deeply than others. It is testament to the collective efforts of healthcare workers and organisations around the world that we have been able to mitigate even worse outcomes. The alert level lowered in New Zealand last week thanks to those efforts. A a result I started back in the office at work yesterday, and it was equal parts unfamiliar and daunting.

Before the lockdown in New Zealand I worked two and a half days of my new job in the office. I had to learn how to do my job via online video and good old telephone calls. It was a slow process but one which allowed me to ease into the work and settle into my role. The people I am working with helped it go as smoothly as it could, especially being that working remotely was unfamiliar to all of us. Even so, some part of each day I still feel like I should know more than I do, or that I’ve made a mistake which is going to cause problems for other people later.

This feeling can be even more prevalent when we are in unfamiliar territory. New jobs, new people, new sports, new cultures; we can feel like an imposter.

This is untruth.

We are capable humans. With the right combination of things in our life we can do what we put our minds to. Pragmatic nutrition, effective sleep, perseverance, and healthy communication will help us conquer this feeling.

Just over a year ago I was overcome with an overwhelming feeling that I wanted to write for a living. Exactly what I would write and how I would go about earning a living from it, I had little idea about. I’m still not sure but I work hard to make it happen. I write something every day, some days more than others, but I write every day. Even on the days when every fibre of my being tells me to do anything else but write.

I love learning new words, new ways of organising them, and how to use few in just as interesting ways as many.

Thank you for reading these words, your support is a beautiful thing.

Dream big. Embrace peace. Love, always, dear readers.


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