Tap that foot

I love music; listening to it, creating it, sharing it. I don’t claim to be a genius when it comes to rhythmical routines or instrumental competence, but I enjoy the prospect of learning new songs and mastering new techniques. We all have things that we love and can’t wait to learn more about, things that get our feet tapping and our minds whirring.

The truth is no one can be one hundred percent efficient and productive one hundred percent of the time. This can be a hard thing to get our head around. We want to move towards the goals we’ve set with every single thing we do and every minute we possibly can. In a world which tells us we have to be doing something with every second, it is easy to forget this involves actively resting to look after our wellbeing; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social. Sleeping at the right times, for long enough to wake well rested enables us to make better decisions to do this every day. Eating the right kinds of foods gives us the energy we need to be healthily, physically active, and enable us to be fully present in social interactions. Get these two things wrong and we can start ourselves on a mini spiral away from being who we want to be.

Yesterday, for the first time in many months, I put on some music and just listened. It was a great decision. My aim was to hear the sound and let it speak to me. Not critique it, not tell myself I needed to be doing something else, simply sit and enjoy the music. My foot began to tap, my head began to nod, and I found myself feeling the urge to dance – at least a little bit. (If you’re wondering, I was listening to Guilhelm Desq, a very talented hurdy gurdy player with a loop pedal. Search on YouTube and you will be pleasantly surprised.) I don’t do this often enough, listen without the intention of doing something else at the same time. Music can do often be in the background while we do another task at the same time. It’s good like that, but I think we’ve lost a bit of our ability to just listen.

The desk we ordered for me before the lockdown started here in New Zealand arrived earlier this week. Two days ago my sister helped me put it together. Already I love its simplicity and know many books will be written while I sit there, and many songs will be recorded with my computer sitting on its desktop. Waiting for a desk is no excuse for not writing, or not recording music, but having one provides another useful tool to make it easier for me to be productive. When the drawer of the desk clicked into place, it felt like the start of a new phase of my life, one I am really looking forward to.

Finishing writing books. Falling into recording my music. It’s all very exciting, and achievable, worth the hard work. I will keep tapping my foot to the music, both that I write and that I listen to.

I pray that you have these moments of achievement and acknowledge them. Keep on keeping on being awesome.


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