The difference made

I love my family. My mother shares infinite amounts of love, encourages me to keep moving forward each day, shares her beautiful craft projects with me, always has skilled hands ready to repair my fraying clothes, and helps me plan systematically. My sister started me playing ultimate frisbee, shares insightful video links to help with my writing, proofreads documents honestly with care, and encourages me to continue working on pragmatic and life-sustaining self-care. My brother offers kind words every day we talk, encourages me to keep playing and writing music, happily has me to stay at their house, and is always up for trying to save multiple universes. My father shares recommendations of books and TV shows, reads my own writings with a critical and caring eye, always has time to talk about football and music, and encourages prayer. Other family, whether related by blood or otherwise, share their time, houses, hospitality, and pragmatic advice, seemingly just when needed.

Up until now in my life, I have not told these people often enough how much they mean to me. Sometimes I even put it into words in a place where the person I’m thanking might not find it. Spreading goodness into the world, and sharing light whenever possible, should not be obligations, or things to induce guilt in our wrestling souls. We should empower each other to do these things. The world throws enough obstacles in our way without our minds adding more negativity and strife. Through years of focussing on mistakes, lamenting them, I had become attuned to seeing all the things I had not achieved, all the time spent making the ‘wrong’ choices, all the goals I had not accomplished. It has been a process changing this mindset to see the good things I do, the wonderful people around me that I make a difference for, and whom make a difference in my life. This process is not complete. It will never be. But I will continue to work towards better thought processes every day I am able, and strive to help others do the same.

One thing I am trying to add to my day is to consciously and outwardly remember to thank those around me. Not with patronising praise, or with words which lack meaning, but with active acknowledgement to myself of the benefit they add to my life, and then letting them know. A barrier that is difficult for me to break is to tell my family and friends I love them. I know I do, I hope they know I do, but I still find it difficult to actually say the words. Saying thank you is a step in the right direction. And really meaning it every time I say it is another. Small steps, but all in the right direction.

Some days I sit down to write this blog and feel I won’t be able to find the words. I struggle to believe what I have to say will make a difference or be useful to anyone. But, my mind slowly whirs into life, the Lord guides my fingers as they write, and ideas that were previously hidden through the unorganised fog sort themselves into coherent stories. I hope these words offer hope to you who wind your way through them, dear readers. Even if they only help one person, and even if that person is me, they served a very important purpose.

Thank you big brother. Thank you big sister. Thank you dad. Thank you mum. Thank you Lord. The difference you make in my blessed life is immense and, though I often struggle to say the words out loud; l love you, from the very depths of my heart.

Dream big; for yourself and those who others. Embrace peace; within your heart and the world around you. Love; always.


3 thoughts on “The difference made

  1. Pro Investivity says:

    I love how unique your perfection is about such a delicate topic. This truly is an inspirational article.

    It’s nice to see you thanking everyone that is close to you. I would like to do the same, and your post has given me the courage to do so. Thank you so much.

    Also, I must say you are doing a fantastic job.

    Kiran Kandel

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hardlinesheavytimes says:

      Hi Kiran,

      Thank you for your kind and well thought out words. I think it takes courage to write our thoughts and emotions down, and courage to share them with others.

      You clearly care about the world and the people in it, and I am so thankful my words speak to you.

      I confess I am not as active in reading the wise and wonderful words of others, such as yourself, but I am growing into doing so. I’ve been enjoying the way you provide relatable stories, and encourage moving forward.

      Peace to you and your family, and thank you once again.

      Hamish Thornton

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      1. Pro Investivity says:

        Hi Hamish,

        The pleasure is all mine. It certainly takes courage to share them. But you are spreading a lot of positivity with it, which is what we are required in a time of crisis like this.

        It’s no worries that you may not be active in reading the articles as long as you write such inspirational articles.
        I’m glad that you are enjoying my blog as well. Thank you very much for your kind words.

        You too, take care, Hamish.

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