Tidying Up

When we have a workplace that is clearly distinct from home, where we exercise, and the places we socialise, it is easier for our minds to differentiate what we do there. Because we have been spending most of our time at home for the past month or so, the lines between what we do when have become blurred. Health organisations have given out information outlining how to make sure we can function as well as we are able while we are confined to home. But even if we know the benefits of these things it can be difficult to put them into action.

In the second week of working from home I put up a guitar stand, and on it I put my beautiful PRS electric guitar. After looking at it for a minute I tuned it. These were small steps on the road to tidying up my workstation, my creative space, and my schedule. Less idle distractions at my work desk. Instead, guitar, notebook, and pen at hand for inspiration at my fingertips. Removing the possibility of distraction also helps motivate me to exercise regularly, even in the reduced space available while spending most of my time at home. Having a clear space to relax and recharge helps me have a clear mind to organise my thoughts. It doesn’t work all the time, or help to organise all of the clutter, but my mind is clearer than it has been for a long time.

There are so many things to do, and not enough time do them all. We must prioritise and make the best use of our time that we can. We all work best in a different environment, with different numbers of people around, and with different amounts of ‘stuff’ around us. What some might see as clutter, to some is a haven for the creative process to flourish. What some might see as an empty, uninspiring room, could be clear physical space to promote clear mental activity. We are unique, and that’s awesome. We have beautiful gifts to share with our family, our friends, the world, and ourselves. To better know what these gifts are and be able to constructively spend time and effort putting them into the world, we need to do a bit of tidying up every now and then. Whether that’s in our minds to enable clear thought, in our room to enable efficient functional movement, in our spirit to be at peace while we work and rest, in our relationships to allow effective collaboration, or a combination of all of these, we can achieve it.

Unbridled creativity isn’t always easy to wrangle and make sense of. Sometimes it isn’t as malleable as we would like; it doesn’t subscribe to order and tidiness. But, ideas with no development or refinement might be missing… something. We won’t find out what that is unless we tidy up around the edges, and lift up the rocks to find the hidden gems underneath.

We also mustn’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes we’re so focussed on facets we love we need a little nudge to open our awareness. Work together. Turn good ideas into great projects. Turn great projects into epic results.

Dream big, dear readers, and believe in your awesomeness.


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