Silver Linings

I love words. Organising them into stories, expanding my vocabulary, and communicating with others in the way that best suits them. I’m no Stephen Fry, but I’m always open to new learning, and throw myself into research whenever I can.

Writing is an opportunity for me to explore the worlds that words are capable of bringing to life. Blog posts offer a way for me to share my life experiences and show personal development pathways that might help others. I often go back to read entries and find new nuggets of wisdom within them. Poetry and short stories provide an outlet to express emotion and process difficult events. On rare occasions there’s even expression of positive emotion in stanzas. More often this positivity comes to the fore in lyrics I own in my musical worlds. Depending on the emotions the chord progression stirs up in my soul, my mind helps me find fitting words. Sometimes these words are easy to find, other times they slip from the tip of my tongue into the abyss.

At the moment, most of my non-working and non-rest time is spent writing long form books. Fantasy, adventure, science fiction, and an autobiographical novel. I initially intended to produce stories that were exciting and enjoyable to read. Without realising it, real problems began to creep into my writing of these books. I now hope to provide parallels to real world issues that people can relate to, and encourage people to do something about solving them. I am but one person writing with energy and enthusiasm. Still, I hope to inspire change within peoples hearts and minds so they believe they can make a difference.

Spending most of my time at home has meant less travel to and from things. This has given me more time to write, and to research the things I am writing about. Some of my favourite books are by the Australian author Matthew Reilly, who says he spends a lot of time researching before putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. I’m realising this is a great use of time, instead of seeing time spent ‘not writing’ as inefficient.

This is a silver lining of this massive change to our world. If my schedule and time commitments had remained the same as before Covid-19, I feel I would be further away from finishing my first book. I know I am lucky to have a job, and to have found the mojo to keep writing during the uncertainty that is. But, these are not the only silver linings to be found. Have you been cooking or baking? Have you found good TV shows and films? Have you read books you’re interested in? Have you picked up knitting needles? Have you put your headphones on and listened to music or the sweet sounds of video games with friends? Have you spent time resting that can often be difficult to find?

Your silver linings are yours to find. I pray you see them and know they will continue being present, dear readers.

Dream big. Embrace peace. Love, always.


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