Being the best you

First things first. You’re doing wonderfully. It’s tough but we’ve got this. Kia kaha.

Life deals us an unexpected hand sometimes. Right now Covid-19 is one unexpected change. We are in social isolation to prevent its spread. We work from home if we are able, or if we are not we use the time we have for projects around home. We go out as little as possible, for essential purposes such as buying food and exercise for mental wellbeing. It is difficult to adjust to changes, especially some as big as these.

I am by no means someone who thrives in an environment of change. Quite the opposite. I like structure, processes I can readily follow to give, if not an expected outcome, a problem that is solvable with the skills and information I have.

Most of the time life does not cooperate with this expectation of mine. And for the first time in a while, at least a few years, this is helping me get things done. Admittedly, I’ve spent more hours than I get paid for working, to get up to speed in my new job. But this is because I’m enjoying solving the problems that come up. I’m encouraged by the people who are helping me learn. I’m consistently asked if I have any questions, queries, or ideas about our processes to help improve the way we work and support the people we are helping.

At home (yes, the same physical location my office is at the moment) I am finding a way to schedule my time effectively. I do this not by filling every walking hour with ‘useful’ activities, but by prioritising which projects I am most motivated to complete, leaving space for rest, recuperation, writing, and playing the guitar with no specific goal in mind is helping too. The first draft of my first full length novel is getting closer to being finished every day and I’m more and more excited by it with each word I write. Songs keep showing up in my head and I keep sifting through them and getting them down in the program I store my music on my computer.

My bubble is fantastic. Awesome people, with whom I still enjoying spending time. I do still miss physically meeting with people who are not part of my bubble. I do still long for a family home, and a family to share that home with. The time will come for these things. This week was also the first time I started strongly missing throwing a frisbee and running around. Not so much playing a game of ultimate, but being outside with good people, throwing a catching a moulded, round bit of plastic.

I’m lucky to have a job which gives me a routine to follow. Not everyone is so fortunate. Share kindness with those around you, those within and outside your bubble. Let them know what they are doing is a good use of their time. Eating, sleeping, and getting some form of exercise are just as important as any ‘productivivity’ we might think we are failing at.

You’ve been doing a wonderful job with the hand you’ve been dealt.

Peace be with you, dear reader.


7 thoughts on “Being the best you

  1. gillstmarys says:

    Great to see you’ve got stuck into your writing πŸ™‚ We’re enjoying the Psalms atm. People have the same sorts of problems no matter where and when they live!


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      1. Pro Investivity says:

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  3. Pro Investivity says:

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