Way with words

I’m realising more and more that putting problems into words helps me process them. Whether they are difficult or easy, talking out loud and working through them with conversation helps me keep things in perspective.

Every person at my new job has been incredibly helpful, even with tasks they are not specifically responsible for. The small team I work within encourage asking questions about everything, big or small. Being fiercely independent when it comes to figuring things out, this has been a skill I have had to actively work on. While we are working from home we have a daily morning meeting to check in. If we were physically in the office I have no doubt my manager would do the same in person. The colleague I work most closely with has taken on several tasks to keep me feeling comfortable while I’m learn the role remotely. They ask me if anything is tripping me up, and talk through it with me via message or video chat.

At home my sister is encouraging too. As sisters so often do, she knows when something is on my mind, and how to go about getting me to talk through it in the right way. I’ve been sleeping on their couch for just over a week, since the start of our country’s lockdown. Being that it is transitory in nature, the couch is comfortable, and the sun rises to wake me in the morning, it has been an enjoyable ‘camping’ experience. Even though I’m ok sleeping here, my sister is working hard to move furniture to make a room available for me. She checks in with me about it every day so I know the room is still on the to-do list, and communicates how we will make it happen. The way she and her partner communicate is a great example to me of how to identify potential issues and solve them, even while navigating the way the coronavirus is forcing changing the environment to change around us.

Sometimes I still struggle to speak up when something is bouncing around my brain. I’m realising that when I think hard about something, it means I’m not sure about it. Ultimately it will save me time to ask for a second opinion, specifically one that is not brought into existence by my own mind. I think we can all fall into this trap. It is difficult to know when a problem we have, of any kind, is one we can solve on our own. We lose nothing by asking about it, and stand to gain useful information. Even if it is simply putting into words and identifying more clearly what the problem is.

All problems will require talking with the appropriate person. A colleague for work matters, a friend for internet troubles, mum for ways to save a floundering parlous batter.

Key to any problem is identifying exactly what it is. Writing down what I’m trying to figure out, and talking it through with someone out loud, are the two best ways of doing this for me.

I pray you find the words and ways that help you.

Dream big. Embrace peace. Love always.

Photo from Pixabay, retrieved from Pexels


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