Rave about good things

When something is not up to standard we are quick to point out out. There are many wonderful things in this world. Restaurants where the service and the food were good or exceeded expectations, exemplary service at a movie theatre, a bus driver engaging in conversation, the difference a friend makes by missing their bus to chat.

Positivity breeds positivity.

When something is not up to standard it is right say so. For this to be useful we must say it in a constructive way. How can it be improved? How does stopping the bad behaviour happen? Rather than simply complaining, empower change. We don’t have to save everyone or everything – we don’t have the capacity or personal wellbeing to – but we can be good people to encourage others to be good people. Cliche of the day: be the positive change you want to see in the world.

It is difficult enough to focus on living our own life when things are going well, let alone if we encounter inconsistency and failure. I find it easier to encourage others and lift them up when they make mistakes than to push through my own struggles. Acknowledge when things go wrong and figure out why. Was it behaviour that can be changed or a decision out of our control? Do we need to work harder and improve our is it our mind telling us false truths? The longer it is that I am not successful in getting a job the easier it is to tell myself I’m unqualified or wouldn’t prosper at them. The longer it is before I find my next permanent residence the easier it is to believe am not a good choice as a flatmate, or there are things I desperately need to change to be worthy. Neither are true. But years of my mind telling me the negatives and a world constantly encouraging us to work harder because we don’t have what we need make it difficult to find the truth.

Take a deep breath. Then another. There have been successes this week. In whatever way suits you try to remind yourself what they are. Write them down with a pen and paper, write a blog post, talk then through with family and friends, close your eyes and calmly recall them, pray for inspiration to see the good things. However you do it, work towards believing these truths and actively recalling the good in your life.

This week I have applied for three jobs that I have not specifically qualified for which sound interesting and useful. I’ve looked at teaching positions for the first time in a year and feel confident if the right position is advertised I would apply with keenness. I’ve put my best foot forward at each flat viewing I’ve been to and honestly replied when asked how the houses were. I am hopeful the flatmates at a house I visited recently will agree we got on well and would make good music together. I look forward to making music wherever I end up calling home, with whichever wonderful people I end up living with.

I hope this year provides you with time to work hard at that which drives you, and I pray your mind helps you achieve this endeavour.

Dream big, embrace peace, love always.


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