Bones’ Pro Tip #10

Pro tip: Sometimes we won’t get the disc.

I am a taller than average male, rather fast, and have overly long arms. On the ultimate field this means I can be easier to see both for players on my team and players on the opposition.  This means I might be more likely to receive a pass or be acknowledged as being present on the field when playing defence.

Some players who are a bit shorter and perhaps a bit less obvious move sneakily and use their attributes to their advantage.

Depending on the team we are on we could be at either of these extremes or anywhere in between. Own your good attributes, and if you get frustrated speak up. Work out why you’re frustrated and encourage your team to help you fix it. It is not always easy but if we care about it enough to ask for the disc more, our team can work hard to make it happen.

In life we might be absolutely certain of something; applying for a job we have the perfect attributes for, trying out for a team we have been training to make for months, submitting a manuscript to a publisher we have toiled over for years, thinking we’ve found the perfect person to spend our life with. Other times we might completely write things off as ‘not for me’ but they hang around like a bad smell; a change in career, returning to study, learning a new language, selling our car and taking public transport instead, re-purposing our belongings to produce less waste, choosing to eat a healthier diet.

Sometimes we won’t get the disc. Other times we’ll get it when we didn’t want it. Embrace life however it happens to throw itself at us.

Dream big. Embrace peace. Love always.


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