Pushing through

I am currently in the process of applying for jobs and trying to find a place to move. Even though I am not working at the moment, both seem like they require more time than I have. Each day I set myself the goal of applying for one job and sending out one expression of interest for an available room in a flat. Thankfully I am managing to succeed at this more days than I fail. This does not make it any less energy sapping to keep sending out emails and knocking on doors just to find out I am not the chosen candidate to get the job or move in.

Most of us need a source of income in the current world we live, at the very least to pay our rent and purchase food. It is fine to go to work, do that work, and go home, as long as this still leaves us with the energy to engage meaningfully in relationships with our friends and family. However, we must be careful not to settle into working a job we really don’t fit that is causing us harm. There is nothing wrong with looking for something that suits us better while we have that first source of income.

If we do not currently have a source of income, and we need one, applying for jobs can seem like a full-time job itself. Keeping our CV up to date, writing cover letters, researching the organisations we are applying to work for, practicing interviewing skills, meeting people: it all takes energy. We might find a particular job that seems it would suit us down to the ground. Wanting this particular job and putting all our energy into applying for it shows good passion and enthusiasm. But, we must be careful to leave enough energy to apply for other positions because we might not get that perfect one at first.

I am in a position where I currently have no source of income. This was my choice. At the end of last year I chose to leave the organisation at which I was working because the position was not what I thought it was. Like everyone I have hopes, and dreams, and things I would like to earn income from doing. I love writing stories, and poetry, and music, and each day practice at least one of these, and try to learn more about the process of generating income from these creative outlets. Creative soul Amanda Palmer gave a TED Talk called ‘The art of asking,’ where she explains how instead of making fans pay for her music, she asks them. She would rather people have her music and be able to listen to it, than withhold it from them because they cannot to afford it. Fans even contacted her to say they were taking the music for free now but would pay money when they could afford it later.

Much like Amanda Palmer I want people to be able to read what I write, and listen to music I create, so they have the chance to enjoy it. I would also like to provide a way these people can offer financial support if they want to, but only if they want to after reading or listening. This plan is an ongoing one where the next step is to provide a way for people to find the things I create. My aim is to get a website up and running with links to different poetry, stories, music, and musings for people to find. I am open to other ideas but a website seems the easiest and most logical way to do this right now. As I work on turning this idea into reality I will continue to write poetry, write stories, record music and write this blog.

While I do this I must find a source of regular income, a job which has regular hours for regular pay. At times it is frustrating, being turned down for jobs or sometimes receiving no communication at all. It is very unlikely I will find a job simply by willing it to happen or by expressing vehement enthusiasm for a particular position. What I must do is keep applying for jobs, ones I feel strongly about and ones I don’t. The same holds true for finding a place to move. I need to keep finding respectable places with a vacancy, that have respectable flatmates and keep sending expressions of interest.

Having standards is ok, but knowing when to compromise is important. Living in a less suitable location is a better compromise than living in a mouldy flat with people who do no cleaning. Working with good people in a job which requires somewhat menial, repetitive tasks is a better compromise than getting paid more to work with people with certain personalities.

Figure out your plan. Put it in motion and do a little bit to move closer to completing it every day. Pushing through rejection and disappointment is difficult but it will be worth it when you finally get there.

Be good, keep good, and sleep good, dear readers. Peace.


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