Start right, and get better

Choosing kindness is always the right option. We don’t have to agree with someone, or believe they know best, or even think they have a valid point of view, but kindness is still the answer. Expressing kindness might mean raising our voice to stop someone hurting another living being. Expressing kindness might mean accepting others make mistakes, just like us, and help them own up to these. Expressing kindness might mean helping someone up from the ground when they fall, for whatever reason.

We all have things we do that to us are simple and common sense. We all have things that to others seem absolutely illogical and nonsensical. The best way forward is to move towards having best practice in all we do, to give support to one another to live the best lives we can. Life can be volatile and difficult to master, but together we can help each other navigate the rocks and unseen shoals to prosper. If you see something that needs improvement, talk about it and say why you think so. Listen with open ears and work together to discover if change would help anyone attempting to do the thing in the future.

I’ve been thinking recently about the adage, “The only thing required for evil to prosper is for good people to do nothing.” Similarly, the way processes stagnate is for no one to point out when they see possible improvements to be made.

It is difficult to receive information about a task we believe we are doing logically, especially when the way we do it helps us. If we iron shirts every day it may seem appropriate to leave the ironing board standing. But if we are the only one that uses it in a small house, and someone else has to move it to use the space, we are making them do extra work. If we are unable to see certain mess that the majority of the world can, it is up to us to pay attention to when we create it. If someone points it out we must accept the help graciously and not act in a defensive manner.

Be proactive. Change things that will help peoples’ lives, particularly those whom you interact with on a regular basis. Expecting others to be better without helping them know how is a sure-fire way to discontentment. Responding in an aggressive manner when someone tries to help us will stoke embers into full blown fires where they just need not be.

Remember, we are all human and we are doing our best with the energy and resolve we have on any given day. More often than not when someone makes a mistake they know and want to fix it. Pointing it out in a negative way will not help them do this. Choose kindness, help them learn to accept responsibility for their mistakes as early as possible. The short term result may be painful but things will be better in the long run.

Model this example to those around you. Passing off responsibility encourages attitudes that have led to our world being in the state it is. I mostly encourage with words but need to start getting stuck in with action too. We all do.



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