700 quintillion to one

When flying to Auckland the other day I realised something. Looking out the window I realised how small we are in comparison to the world, how small we are in comparison to the universe.

At church on Christmas morning our vicar preached a sermon about the wonder of creation, including photos of the amazing view of earth from space. What were the chances of the conditions on our wonderful planet being just so that it was possible for life to exist?

This seems appropriate as it is the day we celebrate the joy and light of Jesus entering the world. I am learning to thank God every day for these wonderful things. I am learning to thank God for reminding me of these wonderful things.

Every time we meet someone in life, the chances of that meeting happening are very small. That we, as the person we are, and they, as the person they are, have made choices that led to both being in that place at that time, is almost incomprehensible. It is all the more important then that when we are blessed with meeting a person that is special we show them so. We show them by letting them know with words. We show them by making time and spending time with these people that make the world brighter. If you struggle to find the words try these:

“You are a person with whom time spent improves my life.”

In life there are times when I have wanted to say these words but have let the moment pass. Our lives are temporary so take these opportunities whenever you notice them. I missed the opportunity to tell some of these people in this life. For that I will have to wait. I choose to embrace the joy these brilliantly bright people gave to me and I pay it forward to others every day. The world can always do with more kindness and love.

Clouds can be a beautiful phenomenon. But, if we fell through them it’s likely they would have no substance to hold our weight. Are there things in your life that are empty of substance? Things that look inviting but don’t hold up?

Take the initiative and spend more time doing the things that give you life. Spend more time with the people that give your life.

Be good, keep good, and sleep good, dear readers. Peace.

Photo by Hristo Fidanov from Pexels


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