Value your resources

In life we are only gifted with a certain amount of time. We are not to know how long this is, but our life is a temporary journey. We cannot stockpile and to use later and it progresses at the same rate no matter how we use it. It makes sense, then, that we value the time we have and use it wisely.

Last night our ultimate (frisbee) team had dinner to reminisce about the season just ended, and enjoy time in each others company without having to chase a bit of plastic around for a change. Someone offered me a ride and organised a pick-up point not far from my house. As I walked from home to this where I would be picked up the rain became heavier. I had decided to wear jeans (which restrict mobility, and I don’t find particularly comfortable, due to my effectively sized quads.) My jeans were drenched on this short walk. Conversation by select people in the car on the way to dinner and for some of the evening was a bit low brow. My saturated jeans and hearing conversation I did not want to be party to had the potential to negatively impact my enjoyment of the evening. Instead, I consciously chose to ignore my wet jeans and engage with difficult conversation in a meaningful way to express my own more wholesome thoughts, and provide healthy ways to encourage discussion. The result being an enjoyable evening catching up meaningfully with good friends.

I was blessed to be offered a ride home and when disembarking the vehicle I left a pearl of wisdom, one I again have picked up from Jocko Willing, and paraphrased. Enjoy every part of life, and if there are parts you don’t, if possible, safely remove them from your life. This is not to say we will always smile or be happy, and nor should we expect to be. It is a commentary about how to engage with emotions. If something is sad, feel the emotion, there is clearly some good that means we have reason to be sad. If a family member or friend has died, remember their goodness and know the sadness is worthwhile. If something causes us to become angry, feel the emotion, and process it healthily. When something doesn’t work out which by all rights should have, it is ok to feel anger. Direct it wisely, towards action and not people, and ensure it is felt for as short a time as possible. Then we can continue to use our energy to love life and enjoy the company of others.

I love all of my friends, but some I find it easier to look forward to spending time with than others. This year I have been working on being present where I am, mind, body, heart, and spirit, to engage with the people I am with in a meaningful way. A friend who enriches my life and I feel blessed to spend time with has a life full of adventures. Opportunities to spend time together, therefore, are sometimes limited. I am sad the times our schedules do not line up, leaving longer times between catching up, but I look forward to and make sure I am fully engaged in the time we do spend together.

On my way to our Dungeons & Dragons session this evening a friend reminded me of something. The way we get from point A to point B is important. Not necessarily the mode of transport but how we spend our time. Sometimes getting to point B quickly is the goal. Sometimes the travel gives us time to accomplish things. Sometimes the journey is the thing to be enjoyed.

Look forward to the awesome things in your life. If you don’t know what those things are right now, look forward to time spent with good people in your life. Remember, one of those good people, is you.

Be good, keep good, and sleep good dear readers. Peace.


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