Sometimes things are what they seem

We humans are constantly looking for meaning, thinking deeply about actions we and others take, before, during, and after they happen. Sometimes we go over things in our heads repeatedly, working through every iteration of every possible choice all the way to the outcome that might come to be. If we spend all our time thinking and none of our time doing then nothing will ever get done.

I am a chronic overthinker. About decisions I’ve already made. About decisions in front of me right now. About the outcomes of decisions I’m yet to make. This means I seldom do anything to make stuff happen, even really good stuff which has the possibility of being awesome. This is more often true when I am uncertain of the outcome a particular decision will lead to. As a Christian part of my way of dealing with this is giving this uncertainty to God. Doing this confidently and honestly is a work in progress, but I’m slowly getting better at it.

Why not apply for a job? It could be great, and even if it’s not I can leave it. I might not be offered the job, little harm done. When I was younger, trialling for representative sports teams was daunting and I seldom accepted offers to. Why not try out? It was awesome to have been recognised as having talent. I might not have been offered a position on the team, but they would have been awesome learning opportunities. Spending time with friends I might not usually spend time with can take a lot of mental energy. Why not say yes? It is a good way to get to know people, or if our interests don’t align, then maybe we won’t hang out in the future. Not hanging out with everyone, every time they ask is ok, but I might not know whether hanging out is a good idea unless we do.

Getting out of bed in the morning is difficult for me. I think maybe my alarm is at the wrong time or maybe I’m not getting enough sleep. While having hot chocolate with a good friend tonight they offered me a solution. Simple in theory, a little effort required to put into action, but achievable: Have a low energy social engagement planned for the morning. Not at, as my brother says, “ridiculous O’clock,” but at a reasonable time in the morning. This friend knows me well enough to know if I have booked in to meet people I will make it there. There is no requirement for be to find a buried meaning as to why I’m not getting up in the morning. It can simply be: organise to meet with someone, to have something to get up for, and I will get up.

Do you overthink decisions sometimes? Are there things you struggle with and try to find deep, nested meaning within and outside of? Is there a simple explanation that leads to a simple solution?

I hope you find what you need, and spend the right time looking for it.

Be good, keep good, and sleep good dear readers. Peace.


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