The finer points of the word ‘should’

Sometimes it’s not about what, who, where, or when, but how.

My mind can become so focussed on something I think I want that I falter at even trying to attempt accomplishing anything else. Being present in the moment we are is something we can always work on being better at. Listening to who we are spending time with and hearing what they have to say, before looking forward to when we spend time with others. Taking in the beauty of the world around us where we are in any given moment, before looking forward to places we want to go. Putting the right kind of effort into what we find ourselves doing, instead of lamenting what we want to do but are not able to right now.

I struggle to focus my mind in the now. My mind has so many thoughts running through it at any given time it is hard to physically and mentally be where I am. Even while reading the bible or spending time in prayer, two activities that lift me up more often than not, my thoughts wander to things I have planned for the future. Or, even less helpful, things I feel at the core of my being I should have spent time doing, time that has already passed. Putting the right kind of effort into what we find ourselves doing now can kick-start our motivation. Motivation that if we wait for will never actually arrive. Starting, and continuing until we’ve done the first thing may find us doing a second, a third, even a fourth that seemed improbable before we started.

Getting out of bed is a thing. Eating a meal is a thing. Going for a walk in the sunshine is a thing. On the days these things seem difficult but we do them anyway, we have pushed through the invisible, but very real, barrier. Acknowledge we have done so. Then, on days we feel we can accomplish anything we can push further up the mountain we are climbing.

What are you thankful for today? Have you taken time to appreciate the view of your world recently? If not, please do. The world is a beautiful place right where you are, and the people around you are worth taking the time to appreciate. As are you.

Be good, keep good, and sleep good dear readers. Peace.

Photo by Chinmay Singh from Pexels


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