Life is a dancefloor

We have the chance to traverse the world in so many different and exciting ways. Unfortunately mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social stress stress can lead us to experience to anger and pain which shapes where and how we move more than we would like. Choices we make every day, conscious and subconscious, some easier than others, guide how we respond to these stresses and how much confidence we move through our lives with.

A few days ago I was taking a walk with my headphones in, listening to some particularly upbeat music. I began to play the air drums as I walked, as I often do, but something was different this time. It might have been a combination of the time of day, having recently left my job, looking forward to playing my guitar, a plethora of other things, whatever it was it had put a spring in my step. I began to bounce up onto kerbs, dexterously spin around to see check for incoming cars as I crossed streets, and generally slide, step, and click my fingers as each song moved to the next and I skipped closer to home. There were things that needed doing and worries that attempted to burrow their way into my mind, but I had the energy to consciously choose to move them to one side. There was nothing I could do to work out these issues while I walked so I left them until I was in a time and place I could.

We will not always feel the lightness of foot we do when something has gone our way or we are waiting excitedly for something. If we experience a serious injury, get an answer we weren’t expecting, lose someone close to us, wake up and feel darkness closing in, it is difficult to manage and guide what we are thinking about and how we are thinking about it. This is a skill that requires practices to improve, practice requiring us to take risks that might not work out the way we want them to. This can be as simple as dance-hopping onto a kerb without worrying how that might look to others. Or it might be more complex such as applying for a new job in an organisation we don’t know, working with people we’ve yet to meet, doing work we hope will help others but aren’t sure of.

When we are able we must choose to dance to the music we feel in our soul. The environment we are in and the people we spend our time with can shape the music we hear and how it makes us feel.

Put your dancefloor where you want it. Move it around. Dance where no one has yet. Close your eyes and dance like no one is watching. Share your music with the world and dance like everyone is watching. It is an amazing thing being around people that encourage you to dance the way you dance. Life is temporary. Dance well, dance often, and invite others to dance with you.

Be good, keep good, and sleep good dear readers. Peace.


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