Bones’ Pro Tip #9

Pro tip: Every day is an opportunity for greatness, whether playing sport, performing on stage, or spending time with loved ones.

During any game of ultimate, whether on the field or the sideline, there are opportunities for greatness. The greatness I am suggesting you strive to achieve might What you are thinking. If you receive a pass, greatness is concentrating hard to ensure the pass you make is a completed one. If you are marking someone, greatness is congratulating them when they work hard to get free and score. If you are on the sideline, greatness is giving uplifting words to a teammate who finds themselves out of position, even if we think there’s little chance they’ll get the D.

In life greatness is not only about successfully doing something we try our hand at. It feels good when we succeed at something, especially if we’ve put in the hard work to make it possible. Greatness can be reversing your car and pulling over to talk to someone you see walking whom you haven’t talked to in a while. Greatness can be engaging in meaningful conversation even when we have oodles of work on our plate. Greatness can be cooking a meal for friends and having it be better than average, especially if cooking is not one of our favourite things. Greatness can be recognising we are struggling and reaching out while we still have the energy. Greatness is having the courage to continue moving forward when we don’t know what direction forward is.

Keep going friends, greatness is out there for you to give and receive.


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