Treasure the seconds

There is so much to write about slowing down and enjoying the experience that is our life, that I hope I do not ramble on nonsensically.

In our flat we have a cleaning roster which rotates each week. This means we are doing tasks the week before someone, and the week after someone else. When it comes to the chore of cleaning, especially when we know someone else will be doing it next, it can be easy to do the minimum – or even less than that. I try to take a bit more time, to go the extra mile and make it clean, rather than performing a token gesture. I appreciate how blessed the five of us are to live in beautiful house, with other people around to talk to, and look to show that in how I look after it. There will be others living in the house after we leave it, so it is logical for us to keep it in good condition. After the five of us move out at the end of the year we will also have to clean the house to receive our bond back. Taking an extra few minutes each week will reduce the time we have to spend when we move out, and will provide a much nicer environment to live in. Think ahead. The buzz immediate gratification provides is often short-lived and causes friction down the track.

Ten minutes ago I stepped on a bus that is the replacement for the train to where I am going. This can be a stressful situation. Thinking the train has already gone when arriving at the station, not knowing where to find the bus, being prepared to catch a train and not a bus; different motion, closer proximity to people, different view, other variables. The train attendant greeted each passenger with courtesy and a smile which, for me anyway, helped the journey start the right way. I responded in kind with a smile and a short conversation, realising they do have a job to do and engaging them in a longer chat might hinder that. They then clipped an already used trip on my ticket giving me a free trip. Positivity breeds positivity, so whenever we are able we must express this kindness and encourage others to pay it forward. A few seconds engaging in real conversation can make the world of difference to someone else later in their day, their week, their month, maybe even their year. This is not possible all the time, as we will feel emotions that prevent us from expressing kindness, but when we are able it is a joyful thing to do.

The world’s technology is changing rapidly and we are bombarded with messages about buying the next upgrade or the newest toy. What happens to the old ones? Sometimes that are recycled, given to relatives or friends, but often they are thrown out. Our earth has finite resources, and we must treasure them, as we must treasure each other. Second hand things have stories, stories that we can help grow and evolve. And sometimes, the design of slightly over things means they last longer than the planned obsolescence of new things. Instead of seeking the newest new thing, what would happen if we were content with what we had and spent more seconds with people rather than technology?

I am a chronic phone and computer user. As my mum would say, and I’m sure many other people too, “How much screen time have you had?” Heck, I’m writing this blog post on my phone while sitting on the bus. I’m not saying stop altogether, but I believe we can be intelligent about how we spend our time.

Reading in the sunshine, coffee with a friend, stargazing, going for a run, walking in the woods, playing with your pooch at the dog park, breathing in the aroma of a recently bloomed garden. There’s a new experience for us to find every day, which only requires our attention.

Be patient, and take the seconds, to appreciate the seconds.

How have you appreciated seconds today?

Be good, keep good, and sleep good, dear readers. Peace.

Photo by Jordan Benton from Pexels


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