A right order of things

Prioritising how to use our time can be intimidating. Learning how we can do this by accepting which things we value is an important skill to practice and master. Like most aspects of life what we value will be in a constant state of flux as we change and progress on our journey.

For me, when I place God at the centre of all I do I feel more at peace. I feel capable of achieving that which I set out to do. Regular time spent in prayer, reading the bible, and with friends from my church community help lift my spirit, no matter how I am feeling or what happens to be in my agenda any given day, week, month, or year. I am thankful for the gifts He has given me and the people in my life that offer love and support in good times and bad. Giving time and energy to family and friends is high up my order of priorities too. Eating regular meals and making sure I’ve eaten enough. Sleeping at the same time each night and for long enough. Getting regular exercise and valuing its benefits on my physical and mental health. All are important, but which is deemed most important can change depending on the circumstances.

If I start to place other things at a higher priority than God things in my life become a little bit more difficult. Remembering to eat food at useful times. Playing video games for hours and not having the self control to end a session. Isolating myself instead of accepting a courteous invitation for coffee or a game of pool with good people. Sometimes I need to stop, take a deep breath, remember this and set about righting the order of things. Taking five minutes to acknowledge God, to pray, find food to eat, spend time around people I trust, or simply send a message to someone saying I feel flat and would like some company. At times this is not easy for me, but definitely is more achievable with a pre-constructed mental list of things I know help, and I know I can do.

Order of priorities will be different for everyone. Some things of high priority for us will be lower for others. Over the course of our lives this will change as we get older and our life circumstances change.

When you are having a good day and feel able, figure out a right order of things for you. Communicate what these things are to people you trust. That way if you have a tough day, they will be able to reach in and offer some things that might help, even when it is a struggle for you to reach out.

Kia kaha, dear readers. Be good, keep good, and sleep good. Peace.

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels


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